213 Colleges Where the Average Grant for Freshman is Over $20,000

Treasure chest representing roadmap to cutting college costsFor real. There are 213 college where the average institutional grant is over $20,000. So what’s the catch? There are only 119 schools where 80% or more of freshman receive institutional grants. Surprisingly enough, there are only 33 schools where 50% or fewer of freshman receive an institutional grant of $20,000 or more.

If at least 80% of freshman are receiving institutional grants at 119 schools, wouldn’t they be worth looking into if you’re interested in cutting the cost of college? If you did, you would learn the following:

  • 37 do not require the SAT/ACT
  • 20 had average SAT score of 1200 or higher
  • 74 had average ACT score of 26 or higher
  • 34 had a 4 year graduation rate of 70% or better
  • 96 had a 4 year graduation rate of 50% or better
  • At least 54 schools had 50% or more of freshman who graduated in the 25% of their class
  • 104 admitted at least half of all applicants
  • 29 had 10% or more of undergraduates registered with disabilities

The point of this is that if you want to save $20,000 of the cost of college then you need to find the colleges that are willing to give you $20,000.

I know this might sound like a joke, if you want a million dollars, find someone who will give you a million dollars.

But it’s not.

Colleges are the biggest source of free money for students. They award grants and scholarships to students to keep their classes filled.

This means that families can save a lot of money by making sure students apply to colleges that are willing to give them money to attend.

Download the lists of “Most expensive colleges for high income families–and some alternatives to consider” to see the results of some of the strategies we’ll be teaching in the class.





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