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Where do I even start?

Starting the college search can be bewildering. Where do even start looking? Harvard’s supposed to be good, right? Or maybe you’ve heard good stuff about your state flagship university. And then there are those college rankings by magazines.

Any of those places is an acceptable starting place. The important thing is to make sure you start comparing those schools with other schools so you can decide which characteristics are important to you. But there are over 1,400 four year colleges in the United States, which schools do you compare?

As you start the process, you may not even be sure what size college you’re looking for, much less what majors it should have. And if you’re like most families, the parents are more interested in starting the process than the student.

So here’s an easy way to get started. Sign up for my free 50-50 College Profile email. Each weekday you’ll receive a profile of a college that has a minimum of a 50% graduation rate and accepts at least 50% of it’s applicants.

As I’ve discussed in other posts, I think it’s very reasonable to start with graduation rates–that is the point of going to college right? I use the four year graduation rate for private schools and the five year rate for public schools.

A 50% admissions rate means that any student that is serious about college has a reasonably good chance of being admitted. It also means that stronger students may find more merit aid available to them.

Also, I actually use 49% since rates can vary by several percentage points each year and I wanted to make sure to include as many colleges as possible.

These schools range in size and location. In each profile, I include a few items that distinguish the school which may give you reason to investigate further.

Sign up for the email and you’ll start building your knowledge of the various options for colleges in just 30 seconds a day. Save the ones that might be interesting to you, delete the rest.

It’s easy and it’s free. Just use the form below and start receiving the profiles.

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