50-50 Highlights: Public Universities and Out-of-State Tuition

car driving on money representing expensive out of state tuitionOf the 440 colleges and universities on the 50-50 list, 165 of them are public institutions. Furthermore, 50-50 schools are not distributed equally among all of the states. That means that if you want to start your search with the largest number of schools possible, you don’t want to immediately eliminate out-of-state public institutions.

For some, the idea of paying out-of-state tuition to attend a university in another state would seem foolish. Especially when out-of-state tuition often exceeds that of many private colleges.

However, the key word is “often.” There are plenty of instances where another state’s out-of-state tuition is still significantly lower than private college tuition. For those that may be limited by geography or unable to qualify for substantial merit money, including public institutions with the lowest out-of-state tuition in their search list makes sense.

The following lists show the top 30 public 50-50 schools with the highest and lowest out-of-state tuition according to IPEDS data available in September 2016. Only 20 50-50 colleges had a total price for out-of-state students of $30,000 or less which is the same as the previous year. Among public 50-50 schools, the number with an out-of-state cost of $40,000 or more increased by 11 to a total of 62.

South Carolina had the most schools on the Most Expensive Out-of-State Tuition list with four.  California, New Jersey, and Washington tied for second with three each. California led with the most expensive schools account for four of the seven with total costs of over $50,000.

Wisconsin with five schools had the most in the least expensive category followed by Massachusetts with four and Minnesota and New York with three each. Nine states had at least one institution that with a total cost of attendance of less than $30,000.

In the following table, the five-year graduation is used for public schools. Also beware that average net price is based on students paying in-state tuition.

Top and Bottom 30 50-50 Public Colleges
Ranked by Out-of-State Tuition (Total Price)




Top 30 50-50 public universities with highest and lowest out-of-state tuition.

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