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After completing his college career at Princeton University, Steve was drafted by the Detroit Tigers and played 6 seasons of professional baseball. You can learn more about Steve and how to help your son prepare for his moment to stand out to coaches at

Failure is Part of the Path to Success

path spliting in woods representing baseball recruiting exampleDoes playing baseball at Princeton and getting drafted by the Detroit Tigers count as success in playing baseball? If so, then pay attention to Steve Young’s recruiting story. The path to success isn’t always straight and obvious.

I remember the first letter I received from a college that was interested in me to play baseball for their program. I was a sophomore in high school and it was from Notre Dame. Now, I had already made up my mind in 7th grade that I was going to play baseball at Stanford but getting a letter from anyone at this point felt awesome! My first thought was, “How did they find me?” Continue reading