Georgia Colleges, Resources, Graduation Rates, and Test Scores

Where to Start Looking to Find a Georgia Colleges

Geogria Colleges signStudents and families looking for Georgia colleges should start at the GAcollege411 website sponsored by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. Users will find tools from planning high school to career exploration. There is the usual planning timeline and college search function. Students will also find test prep help for the SAT, ACT and the Georgia High School Graduation Test and End of Course Tests.

Registered users can create an account to create a portfolio, apply to colleges, and search for scholarships. The website also allows you to request and track your transcript. Students who plan to start at a community college and then transfer to a Georgia college can use the transfer student planner to ensure credits will transfer. The financial aid planning section has a variety of calculators and information on the HOPE Program.

Some Numbers to Help You Find a College

There are 49 four-year Georgia colleges with 500 or more full-time undergraduates. A total of 25 are private not-for profit colleges and 24 are public universities according to the Integrated Post-secondary Data System. Of the 199,166 students, 22% attend private colleges and 78% attend public universities.

The average four-year graduation rate for private colleges is 34.9% and the five-year rate for public-institutions with available information is 34.6%. A total of seven schools meet the DIY College Rankings 50-50 profile requirements.

College-bound seniors in Georgia had an average of 488 for SAT Critical Reading and 485 for the Math section. The 75th Percentile scores were 560 for Critical Reading and 560 for Mathematics. A total of 16 Georgia colleges had 75th percentile scores at or above this level.

The top 20 colleges SAT test takers in Georgia applied to:

Georgia Colleges Conferences and Divisions

Georgial Colleges athletic conferences

List of Georgia Colleges

In the following table, the four-year graduation rate is used for private colleges and the five-year rate for public colleges. The data are based on the data available from IPEDS in December of 2014 which are available on the DIY College Search spreadsheet.

Georgia Colleges with Graduation Rates and Test Scores
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