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It Takes More Than Rankings to Find Good Colleges

Face looking from laptopWhy? Because it all depends on how you define “good.”

And that’s the problem. How do you know what makes a college “good?” Is it the college where the good students go? After all, the colleges that admit only a small percentage of students with high GPAs and college test scores are the ones that show up at the top of the college rankings. But does that mean the school is good because it admits good students or do good students go there because it is a good college? Continue reading

College Essay Examples: What, Why, and How

(If you just want to list of college essay examples-keep scrolling to the table.) It’s easy for students to put off writing their essay for their college applications. After all, chances are that the most commonly requested essay, the personal statement, is something the student hasn’t had to do before. And it’s only natural that their first reaction leaves them feeling as if they couldn’t possibly provide an answer that wouldn’t sound contrived or pathetic. So they start looking for college essay examples to see what is expected and possibly for inspiration. Continue reading

12 Things You Need to Know About Athletic Scholarships

sports stadium representing Things You Need to Know About Athletic ScholarshipsI’m always amazed at how little players and their families know about athletic scholarships. Given that most of them have been justifying playing their sport for the chance at a college scholarship since middle school, you would think they would be better informed. The following are 12 things you need to know if you’re looking for an athletic scholarship. Continue reading