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What are My Chances of Getting a Softball Scholarship?

Softball field representing Chances of Getting a Softball ScholarshipAs softball players start deciding which gold teams to aim for, they’ll start asking themselves what their chances are for a softball scholarship. And if they aren’t, I’m sure as parents start to pull out their checkbooks to pay for playing on these teams, they’re considering the question. After all, it would be nice if there was some financial return on all their investments in lessons, teams, and travel. However, if you’re planning on using softball to pay for college, you might want to develop a plan B option because the odds aren’t great.

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30 Potential Colleges for Students with a Full-Pay Hook

Money representing colleges for full pay studentsFamilies that can’t afford to pay the sticker-price for private colleges need to do two things. The first is identify which schools are more likely to provide need or merit aid. The second is avoid those that are less likely to do so. This means steering clear of “dream” schools that may rank in terms of prestige but subsequently aren’t as generous with financial aid as some of their peers. + Read More

50-50 Highlights: Colleges for Students with Disabilities

Student lookng at maze representing colleges for students with disabilitiesAttempting to list colleges and universities with the best services for students with disabilities ultimately demonstrates the problems in creating a list of the “best” of anything. When dealing with disabilities, so much depends on the individual needs of the students so what is ideal for one student won’t work for another. Never mind the fact that an institution’s approach to accommodating students can also heavily rely on one or two persons’ attitudes. + Read More

NCAA D1 Soccer-Men’s Programs

foot kicking soccer ball representing ncaa d1 soccer programsThere are 201 NCAA D1 soccer programs for men in the United States according to the Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE). The NCAA allows colleges to offer a maximum of 9.9 scholarships for men’s D1 soccer teams. Soccer is an equivalency sport which means that the single scholarships can be divided among multiple players. + Read More

3 Hard Truths About Who Gets Financial Aid

Worrried Woman with piggy bank representing who gets financial aidWhat’s the worst possible thing families could hear after getting their Estimate Family Contribution (EFC) for financial aid? How about that even if they could manage to pay their EFC, more than likely they’ll have to pay even more because most colleges won’t meet their full need. The data on who gets financial aid shows that most families aren’t going to have their need met. + Read More

62 Best Bets for Affordable Public Universities

female college graduate holding moeny representing affordable public universitiesLet me start by saying you never know how much a college is actually going to cost until you get the college’s financial aid award. That’s when you really know if a college is affordable. But there are indicators that some colleges are more likely to be affordable than others. Knowing these indicators mean that you can make sure you apply to colleges more likely to meet your financial needs. That doesn’t guarantee they will because we are talking averages here. But it does improve your chances. + Read More

9 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Playing College Baseball-Part 2

keeping score book representing one way to improve chances of playing college baseballI’ve already listed four of the nine things that you can do that will improve your chances of playing baseball at the college level in a previous post. These tips aren’t going to make a D2 player into a D1 player. They will give the D2 player a better chance at actually playing college baseball on a D2 team. These are the things you can do off the field that will set you apart from other players. It isn’t just about having the best skills; it’s about making it as easy as possible for coaches to know that you have the skills and choose you over another player. + Read More

Does College Size Matter?

small ship and large ship representing question does college size matterAs high school students get closer to graduation, you’re likely to hear declarations that I could never go to a college that small or I could never go to a college that big. Does college size really matter and, if so, matters for what?

So why would college size matter? Theoretically, you would think because it would influence the type of education opportunities available. + Read More

50-50 Highlights: A+ Colleges for B Students

apple with a+ representing colleges for B studentsIf you want to see everything available in the spreadsheet that I use to create the 50-50 list, check out the sample spreadsheet.

When we hear college rankings, we tend to think of a listing of the “best” colleges, especially since US News College Rankings helps us along with its rankings every fall. Yet, even US News recognizes that not everyone can get into the “best” colleges and these less qualified students are just as deserving of a quality education. So it has created its A+ Schools for B Students list. + Read More

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