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Have You Covered These Adulting Topics on Your College Move-in Checklist?

woman with computer and planning representing Legal documents for college studentsAs parents swing between the excitement of going through the latest dorm checklist from Target or cry in their morning coffee cup while making hotel reservations for the college move in date, they shouldn’t overlook the most important checklist, the adulting checklist. The reality is that heading off to college also marks the transition to adulthood. While many see college as a sort of intermediate step to becoming a full adult, as far as the law is concerned, your 18 year old is an adult. So take the time to go over the following adulting topics and make sure you have them covered by move-in day. Continue reading

50-50 Highlights: Best Colleges for Merit Scholarships

Hand with key to unlock best colleges for merit scholarshipsStudents with high Expected Family Contributions (EFC) who want to pay less for college need to find those colleges most likely to provide generous merit aid. One way to do this is to identify colleges that have a high percentage of freshman without need who receive merit aid. The higher the percentage, the more likely students are to qualify for merit aid. Continue reading

How Much do D1 Colleges Spend on Baseball Programs?

Baseball on top of money representing college baseball expenses(Updated for 2019) Imagine choosing between two job offers. (I know, many would be grateful with just one but I did say imagine.) All other things being equal, you would pick the highest paying one, right? So if you’re deciding where to play D1 college baseball, all other things being equal, you would pick the one that spends the most money on the team. Continue reading

Why YOU Should Care About College Graduation Rates

College hat on money showing importance of college graduation rates(Updated for 2019) When high school students start looking for colleges to apply to, they rarely consider college graduation rates. Even with the sky-rocketing costs of college, most families still don’t consider graduation rates. They may notice it when a school advertises its four-year graduation guarantee but I suspect most just dismiss it as not applying to “their” situation.

Continue reading

50-50 Highlights: Colleges for Students with Disabilities

Student lookng at maze representing colleges for students with disabilities(Updated for 2019) Attempting to list colleges and universities with the best services for students with disabilities ultimately demonstrates the problems in creating a list of the “best” of anything. When dealing with disabilities, so much depends on the individual needs of the students so what is ideal for one student won’t work for another. Never mind the fact that an institution’s approach to accommodating students can also heavily rely on one or two persons’ attitudes. Continue reading