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11.7 Reality Check: College Baseball Scholarships

Baseball player sliding representing 11.7 Baseball ScholarshipsAt the end of my son’s last high school summer baseball season, I was struck by the number of players who had graduated and didn’t know yet where they were going to attend college. I heard a lot of talk from parents about “maybe walking on” to various teams and see what happens. These were good players, the majority better than my son who did know where he was going. + Read More

5 Ways You Can Undermine Your Chances After Submitting Your College Application

clock with no time for college admission mistakesMost high school seniors are ready to breathe a big sigh of relief in January. Unfortunately, the college admissions process doesn’t end just because you submitted your applications. In fact, even after completing all the college applications and submitting test scores, there are five things high school seniors can do to ruin their chances of attending college in September.

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College Baseball Teams by State and Division

Map of us with baseball field representing college baseball teams by state and divisionDo you know which state, Texas or Pennsylvania, offers more college baseball teams? You’re wrong if you said Texas. Texas offers more D1 and Junior College programs but Pennsylvania has twice the number of D2 baseball teams and over three times the number of D3 teams. Knowing which states offer which types of college baseball teams can improve your chances of making a college team. + Read More

What Makes an Ivy League Education?

Ivy on wall representing ivy league educationAs we get ready for our upcoming Roadmap to Cutting College Costs Class, I’ve been reviewing information on college quality and affordability. Looking through the data and how people use it has gotten me thinking about the latest attempts by the government to rate colleges, college rankings, and what makes a good education. As usual, I ended up with more questions than answers. + Read More

50-50 Highlights: Colleges Students Really Want to Go To

College student representing yield rate of colleges students want to go toStudents may be accepted at ten colleges but they can only attend one. When they finally decide which school to attend, students become part of the college’s yield rate. The yield rate is the percentage of accepted students who actually end up attending the school. So you figure the yield rate for Harvard would have the highest rate around, right? Wrong. There are eight other schools with rates higher than Harvard’s 81% including the College of the Ozarks. + Read More

What High School Baseball Players Need to Worry About to be Recruited by Colleges

high school baseball player not worrying about recruitingIt seems that weekly, if not daily, you’ll come across another story about how today’s generation has been coddled with self-esteem trophies since their first little league game and have been told that their clay pots are special no matter how lumpy and cracked. This has an especially insidious strain in high school sports that can undermine a player’s chances of getting recruited to play college baseball.

Think about it, combine the me generation with a standout high school athlete and the too often accompanying egotism, you get a package of entitlement that will keep even the best players off a college baseball team. + Read More

Why You Should Pay Attention to These College Statistics if You Want to Pay Less for College

student in front of black board representing college statistics to pay less for collegeIf you want to pay less for college, you need to pay more attention to college statistics. I’m sure many parents and students hip deep in the college admissions process think that they are drowning in college statistics but are still facing the prospect of impossible tuition bills. The problem is that they aren’t paying attention to the right statistics, or at the very least, not considering them in terms of how they affect the cost of going to college. + Read More

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