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Cutting College Costs: Community Colleges with On-Campus Housing

girl on bed with computer in community colleges with dorms(I’ve updated the number of community colleges with on-campus housing with data available from IPEDS in June, 2019.) As families recoil in horror contemplate the price tag of four years of college, some start to look more closely at all of the available options, including community colleges with on-campus housing. Since community colleges are offering more traditional college amenities such as dorms, honor programs, sports, and student activities, they are becoming a more attractive way for families to seriously cut their college expenses. Continue reading

How to Start the College Athletic Recruiting Process

football kickoffYou’ve heard the saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know?” It’s relevant to college athletic recruiting–when starting out, many families don’t know where to begin or what to ask. So I put together this list of posts for athletes and their families just starting the college athletic recruiting process. After reading these, you should have a basic understanding of college athletic recruiting that will allow you to start asking the right questions. Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Using College Board’s Big Future for Creating Your College List

woman sitting on floor using laptop representing Big Future's pros and consIf you do a web search for “college search” chances are you’ll find the College Board’s Big Future at the top of the results list. It’s not surprising since they have historically already have access to some of the information many students and colleges have considered the most important in college admissions–test scores. But just how good is Big Future in helping you create your college list? Continue reading