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50-50 Profile: Hiram College

Hiram College campus

Hiram College-Private

Hiram, Ohio
1,122 (1,100 undergraduates)
Does College Size Matter?

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2015-16 Accepted: 58%
4 Year Graduation Rate: 57%
5 Year Graduation Rate: 62%
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2015-16 Total Expenses: $44,787
Average Net Price 14-15: $23,517
Freshman Non-Federal Loans: 8%
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SAT RW: 640
SAT Math: 600
ACT: 27
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Percent Freshman not in top quarter of class: 55%
Percent Freshman with GPA <3.50: 53%
Percent of Freshman Need Met: 95%
Percent of Non-Need Freshman Receiving Awards: 3.3%
Average Freshman Non-Need Award: $9,657

Class Schedule: Yes
Shows Class Capacity: Yes
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NCAA D3, North Coast Athletic Conference

Hiram College athletic teams

Reasons to consider Hiram College (learn more):

Biomedical Humanities
Center for the Study of Nature and Society
Center for Literature, Medicine and Biomedical Humanities
Garfield Institute for Public Leadership
Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature
The Center for Scientific Engagement
Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship
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Top Colleges for Business Majors

College of Business signWhich colleges are graduating the most students with majors in business excluding specialty schools?  I looked at schools with at least a 49% or better four-year graduation rate because “graduating” is an important part of this question. In terms of absolute numbers, the top 15 are pretty much large universities, almost all public universities with two exceptions, Indiana Wesleyan University and Bentley University.

Not surprisingly, these two universities are on the list of the top 15 institutions with the highest percentage of graduates with business majors.  These 15 colleges were all private and tended to be on the small size with Indiana Wesleyan University being the largest at just under 10,000 full-time undergraduates. The percentage of business majors ranged from 41% to 95% at Bentley University. Continue reading