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50-50 College List Highlights: Sonoma State, Rollins College, and University of Idaho

View of Rollins College from Lake Virginia
View of Rollins College from Lake Virginia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rollins College is a Liberal Arts College in Florida. It has a strong International Learning program including a London Internship and Australian Studies Program. Students benefit from public lectures and visiting experts at the Winter Park Institute. Students in the Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program are expected to complete graduate level research and produce a peer-reviewed publication.

Sonoma State University in California contains the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies which offers an integrated humanities program as an alternative to the General Education requirements. The Wine Business Institute offers a BS in Wine Business Strategies. Students in anthropology, archaeology, local history, and ethnography gain hands-on experiences in the Anthropological Studies Center. The Center for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Analysis provides students with the opportunity to work on research and service contracts. Continue reading

50-50 College List Highlights: Lycoming College, Linfield College, Towson University

Photograph of Long Hall at Lycoming College
Photograph of Long Hall at Lycoming College (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lycoming College is a Liberal Arts College?  in Pennsylvania. The Institute for Management Studies provides a hands-on approach to business education with special international programs.?  Students interested in the environment can do internships and study projects with the Clean Water Institute. The Center for the Study of Community and Economy allows students to produce original, applied research.

Linfield College is a small, all undergraduate college in Oregon. It has a January Term that offers study abroad opportunities.?  Linfield was one of the country’s top producers of Fulbright scholars in 2006 and 2010, with 22 scholarships awarded in the last 12 years (six in the past two years). Students can participate in the Linfield Research Institute which has promoted student and faculty research since 1955. Continue reading

50-50 College List Highlights: Spring Hill College, Seattle University, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Stewartfield (c. 1850) at the end of its alley...
Stewartfield (c. 1850) on the Spring Hill College Campus in Mobile, Alabama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spring Hill College is a small Jesuit?  College in Mobile, Alabama.?  You can experience social justice travel at its Italy Center in Bologna. They have established a new LEAP Program for freshman that focuses on Five LEAP Themes to build community.

The Missouri University of Science and Technology is a public institution located in Rolla, Missouri with 15 accredited undergraduate engineering programs. Mining majors and explosive engineering minors gain hands on experience with a university operated experimental mine.?  Students interested in nuclear engineering have access to the on-campus nuclear research reactor for students. The university offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate research. Continue reading

50-50 College List Highlights: Birmingham Southern College, Hope College, and Iowa State University

west side gerdin near main enterence
Iowa State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Johannes Cater)

I found three colleges especially interesting last week in my 50-50 College Profiles. Iowa State University, as you would expect, has some very impressive agricultural related programs including its BioCentury Research Farm which has integrated research and demonstration for biomass production and processing. But they have more than just agriculture. Majors in the College of Design, including Architecture, Graphic Design, and Landscape Architecture, can take a semester abroad in its Rome Program. Iowa State offers various undergraduate summer research opportunities including a 10 week program in Wind Energy Science, Engineering, and Policy. Undergraduates can participate in over 80 learning communities including Business Learning Teams, Microbiology, and Music. Continue reading

50-50 College Highlights: Arcadia, Lake Forest, and Champlain

Arcadia University CampusIf study abroad is an absolute must have, check out Arcadia University in Pennsylvania. Their MAPS are majors that require an academic year of study abroad which includes Global Media Studies, Global Legal Studies, Sports Psychology, and Sports Management. Study abroad is offered as part of its First Year Experience. They have several study centers abroad including Italy which is certified by the Italian authorities for higher education. Even their accelerated three-year degree programs include study abroad and an internship. Continue reading

50-50 College List Highlights: Simmons College, Truman University, and Millsaps College

When looking up information for the 50-50 College Profiles, I’m always impressed with the variety of programs and opportunities available if you just take a little time to look. So I’ve decided to do a quick summary of the highlights of the schools I reviewed this week.

Duquesne in Pennsylvania offers a five-year Bachelor/Masters in Social and Public Policy. Through its Cyril H. Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law, students can get a certificate or Masters in Forensic Science and Law, a certificate in forensic nursing, or a Master of Science in Nursing on the forensic track. Watch out for costs, however, 16% of freshman had non-federal students loans with an average of over $11,000. Continue reading

Beyond College Rankings: January Terms, Interim Terms, and Winter Terms

Picture of globe in front of chalk board

Once you get past making sure a college has your potential major, there are all kinds of ways of distinguishing colleges from each other besides college rankings. There are the obvious ones such as cost, rural versus urban, size, and location. But there are some that can significantly affect a student’s college experience that many have never heard of, much less considered. One of them is the 4-1-4 calendar.

The what calendar?

Sometimes referred to as a January term or winter term, it is a short-term that takes place between the fall and spring semester in, you guessed it, January. Continue reading

Are college grad rates “bad data?”

Speadsheet with college data/
What data are you supposed to use?

There is a guest post on College Inc by Patricia McGuire, president of Trinity Washington University, arguing that college graduation rates are bad data.

No, they aren’t.

To crib from the gun rights advocates, the information isn’t bad, it’s how it’s being used that is bad. For some reason, Ms. McGuire seems to think that people are using graduation rates to decide if Harvard or Trinity Washington is a better school. Continue reading

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