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50-50 Highlights: Schools in the US News College Rankings Top 100

Wrecked truck representing US News College Rankings(I’ve updated this post with the most recent rankings.)

Sorry. It’s the reason why traffic slows down on the opposite of the freeway from the accident. We just can’t help but look, if just for a second.  And while the list of 50-50 schools is going the opposite direction of the US News College Rankings, they did come out this month and we might as well get it over with and look. Continue reading

How to Figure Out Your Chances of Getting a College Athletic Scholarship

girl with equation to calculate chances of getting a college athletic scholarshipIt would be nice if there was a formula somewhere that high school players could use to calculate their chances of getting a college athletic scholarship. All they would have to do is to enter their stats, maybe their high school or club team, and the formula would tell them their chances and even indicate how much to expect! Wouldn’t that be nice? Continue reading

7 Things You Should Know about College Net Price Calculators

Piggy bank with calculator and money reprenting what you need to know about net price calculatorsAs students start creating their final college list, smart families make sure they use the Net Price Calculator on all possibilities before adding them to the final list. Net Price Calculators (NPC) provide families with the estimated price they will pay after deducting for gift aid. Essentially, they provide the average paid by students with similar financial background excluding loans and work-study. They have only been around since 2011 and can be a valuable tool for families targeting colleges generous with financial aid. However, they aren’t perfect and anyone who uses NPCs need to keep the following in mind: Continue reading

Baseball Ends

Little League player walking off field representing baseball endsMy son graduated from college in 2015. He quit playing baseball in 2013. Baseball had been such a presence in his life that quitting the team was one of the hardest decisions he had to make. But as I try to decide what to do with the popup net and catchers gear still sitting the garage, I realize how many of the decisions we made because of baseball. Continue reading

10 Things Parents Do That Increase College Student Debt

Parents with college grad representing how parents can help avoid student debtWe have all heard the horror stories of college graduates with staggering debt and little hope of repaying it before retiring. The obvious cause of the problem is the seemingly ever-increasing cost of college.

But here’s the thing. When you read the stories about graduates struggling with student loans after graduation, you’ll almost always see that they had alternatives to the large student loans they ended up with. With the high cost of college, more than ever teens need their parents to provide financial guidance when applying to college. Unfortunately, rather than supplying a financial reality check, too many parents make the situation worse by doing the following: Continue reading

50-50 Highlights: Colleges with the Most Geographic Diversity

student with suitcase representing colleges with most geographic diversityWhen looking for a college, it’s a good idea to keep geography in mind. Apparently most families do but not in ways that will improve financial aid or enhance the student’s college education. According to The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2016, 53% of freshman attend college within 100 miles of home. Only 17.3% enroll at a college more than 500 miles from home. Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Studying Medicine and Law in Europe

The following is a guest post by Kevin Newton who specializes in helping students apply to college in Europe. 

medical student representing studying medicine and law in EurporeFor many people, the chance to get a degree in three years by studying in Europe is already a considerable savings of time and money. However, for those students interested in a career in law or medicine, a European degree can mean even greater savings. This is because, unlike in the United States, there isn’t any separate  undergraduate degree requirement. Continue reading

5 Financial Mistakes that Can Limit Your Chance of Playing Your Sport at the College Level

5 financial recruiting mistakesSo far I’ve covered signs that you don’t understand the college athletic recruiting process and mistakes players and families make about their ability and what it means. Today, I’m going to cover mistakes related to finances when looking for athletic scholarships. If it’s really about using sports to help pay for college, you need to avoid the following college recruiting mistakes. Continue reading

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