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Should You Pay Someone to Complete the FAFSA?

Hand with sign asking for help to comlete the FAFSA.In July of 2015, the United States government finally gained control of the website. Until then, the website was owned and operated by Student Financial Aid Service, Inc. which charged students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Over the years, became the  poster child for financial aid scams designed to take advantage students and families trying to get financial aid for college. So does its demise represent the final statement of whether or not students should pay for a private financial aid consultant to complete the FAFSA? Continue reading

Do More Rich Kids Get Into Harvard Because They’re Smarter?

Little kid in front of blackboard representing wealth advantage in college admissionsWhy am I asking the question? It started with a college list. I decided to create a list of colleges that have an acceptance rate of 20% or lower. The idea is that I would use it as a sample for other lists I’m creating and hoping to sell. See, most students won’t get into the most competitive schools so I’m not really losing anything by giving away such a list. A total of 43 schools made the list. Continue reading

Public Universities with Lowest Out-of-State Tuition

pocket with money representing saving at colleges with low out-of-state tuition(I’ve updated this post with information available from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System in the November 2017)

Back when I was a freshman attending a rather large state university in Austin, Texas, I ran into quite a few students (relatively speaking) from the state of New York. They told me that they were attending college in Texas because our out-of-state tuition was cheaper than their in-state tuition. I only saw them that one year because the following year, the legislature raised out-of-state tuition and Texas was no longer as appealing to New Yorkers as it once was. Continue reading

50-50 Highlights: Public Universities with Highest Percentage of PLUS Loans by State

piggy bank and calculator representing Public Universities with Highest Percentage of PLUS Loans by StateWith all the talk about student debt, it’s easy to miss the PLUS loan numbers. PLUS loans are federal loans taken out by parents on the student’s behalf. The really scary thing about PLUS loans is that parents can borrow up to the full amount of tuition. Furthermore, eligibility for PLUS loans isn’t based on ability to repay the loan but rather your credit history. Just think about it, even with a great credit history, a bank won’t loan you money for $250,000 house without some evidence that you can make the payments. The government will. Continue reading

Must Reads about the Odds of Playing College Sports and Receiving Athletic Scholarships

college football with money representing sports scholarshipsJust a casual browsing of my blog would reveal that I’m not anti-athlete. When my son wanted to play baseball in college, I spent a lot of time educating myself about the college baseball recruiting process and shared the information here. However, there’s a big difference between playing college sports and receiving an athletic scholarship. Continue reading

130 Best Colleges for Work-Study

student applying for college work-study jobsOne reason why students should complete the FAFSA even if they don’t think they’ll qualify for financial aid is because of the possibility of college work-study jobs. Work-study jobs require completion of the FAFSA and even if your EFC keeps you from receiving any federal grants, you could land a nice work-study job depending on which college you go to. Continue reading

5 Ways to Get Smart About College Baseball Recruiting

Baseball player silding into baseAs you start the college baseball recruiting process, you need to know what you don’t know. And sometimes it feels like you would rather not know than try to make sense of all of the information out there. Not only is there so much information out there, so much seems contradictory. Sometimes you just need a baseline to start with so that you can make sense of the rest of the information. So before drowning in Google search results, try these resources first.

Continue reading