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3 Types of Players that Don’t get Recruited by Colleges

baseball player representing a player that doesn't get recruitedThere are a lot of athletes and their families that are expecting to play their sport in college. And far too many of them are actually counting on an athletic scholarship as part of their plan to pay for college. Yet, the truth is that most of these players won’t be recruited to play in college, much less get a scholarship. If you’re one of the following types of players, chances are you won’t be playing in college. Continue reading

50-50 Highlights: Colleges with Highest Graduation Rates by State

graduating students representing colleges with highest graduation rates by stateThe idea behind listing 50-50 colleges is that they offer most high school students a reasonable chance of admissions with an equally reasonable chance of graduation. As I’ve mentioned before, the most expensive college is the one you don’t graduate from. And while depressing, a 50% graduation rate is actually a fairly high standard. Out of 1,586 colleges, only 458 have a 50% or better graduation rate. Even so, you have to wonder, how high of a graduation rate is possible while still admitting at least 50% of students? Continue reading

How to Answer Coaches Who Ask What Other Schools Are Recruiting You

truth behind torn paperOnce again honesty is the best policy. When coaches ask what other schools are recruiting you, just name the schools. There are actually two ways to be dishonest in answering the question. The first is to not tell which schools are recruiting you and the second is to lie about which ones are. Understanding why you shouldn’t do the former explains why some are tempted to do the latter. Continue reading

9 Things You Need to Know Before You Apply Early Decision

Female college student representing colleges where early decision makes the biggest differenceMost students will not submit Early Decision college applications for the same reason that most students will be accepted at their first choice school. Only 10% of all four-year colleges accept less than 40% of students. Since most students aren’t going to these colleges, there is no reason to apply Early Decision. Students generally apply Early Decision to improve the admission chances at a limited number of extremely competitive colleges. If you’re considering applying Early Decision, you need to understand the following: Continue reading

50-50 Highlights: Colleges Awarding the Most Institutional Financial Aid

College graduate holding money representing institutional aidAnyone who has been paying attention to college costs and financial aid has probably heard that there really isn’t one set sticker price for college. It’s a lot like airline tickets. People sitting next to each other on a flight probably paid very different amounts for their tickets depending on when they bought them. Like airline tickets, very few families actually pay the sticker price for college. Continue reading

Using Baseball to Get Into College: The College Application Essay

Outline of baseball player with words insideWhen people think of using baseball to get into college, they’re usually thinking about a coach offering a full-ride scholarship to play on the team. For those who still hold such delusions, time for a reality check. But there are still all sorts of ways baseball can help you get into college, including providing content for your college application essay. Continue reading

4 Easy Steps to Find 254 Colleges for Potential Merit Scholarships

Person crossing stepping stones representing steps to finding merit scholarshipsFor those still looking for affordable colleges, I’m updating this post. Because I’ve updated the spreadsheet several times since I wrote this post, some of the numbers in the text won’t match the results in the graphics. You can see a video demonstration at the end of the post.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to use the DIY College Rankings Spreadsheet to find private colleges most likely to provide generous merit aid in just four easy steps. These are schools that students with high EFC’s should target for non-need based aid. This is in no way a guarantee. Rather, consider this a way to improve your chances for merit aid given the available information. Continue reading

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