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141 Hardest Colleges to Get Into

College campus representing hardest colleges to get intoThere are over 400 schools on the 50-50 college list. These are colleges that accept at least 50% of students and have at least a 50% graduation rate. Given that the idea was to provide families with accessible alternatives to just the usual suspects that show up in the rankings, I think 400 is a remarkably useful base to start with. However, there’s always going to be the thought in the back of your mind of what you’re missing by using the list. So I thought I would provide some insight to the colleges not on the list. + Read More

Most expensive colleges for high income families–and some alternatives to consider

dog with calculator trying to figure most expensive colleges for high incomesIt may be too late for parents of high school sophomores and juniors to dramatically increase their savings for colleges but it’s not too late to pay significantly less to send their kids to college. The reason is that  few people pay the actual sticker price for college. However, parents with little to no financial need can find themselves coming close to paying the full price depending on the college. + Read More

Why Your College List Should Start with Your Flagship University

Student standing at state flagship universityLong time readers of my blog know that I think that the start of any college search should begin with estimating your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). This simply sets the baseline for how much you should expect to pay. The next step should be looking up your state flagship university. Why? Because while your EFC sets your financial expectations, your state flagship serves as the ideal reference point for adding and comparing the schools you add to your final college list. + Read More

What You Need to Know About Applying to College with a Learning Disability

Learn GraphicFortunately, when my son was applying to college he didn’t have to deal with a learning disability on top of everything else although I do know quite a few homeschoolers who did have to deal with both issues. It seems to me that the approach one takes in applying to college as a homeschooler isn’t all that different from that of someone applying to college with a learning disability. Ultimately, students have to be prepared to address the issue as appropriate throughout the admissions process. + Read More

5 Reasons Why College Confidential is Slowly Killing You

Teen visiting college confidential(The following is a guest post by JJ Shaw, an incoming freshman at Columbia College, and pretty much sums up why you should never visit the “chance me” forums at College Confidential.)

College Confidential is “the world’s largest college forum.” Except in this world, 2400s aren’t merely enough.

It has a long history of feeding the egocentric tendencies of high achieving seniors. It inflates the self-worth of some, all while crushing the confidence of otherwise perfectly capable college-bound students. + Read More

50-50 Highlights: Colleges for Transfer Students

Picture of college for transfer studentsApproximately one-third of all college students transfer between institutions at least once according the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. In tough economic times, many students start at a community college and plan to transfer to complete their four-year degree. Others start may start at more expensive four-year institutions and find that they need to transfer to less expensive institutions. + Read More

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