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7 Ways to Compare Colleges

couple sitting on sofa reading about the 7 ways to compare collegesIf you have kids old enough for you to be thinking about the college admissions process and how you’ll pay for it, you also need to be thinking about how you’re going to compare the colleges. Because the fact is that you’re going to be comparing lots of colleges, the sooner the better. You’re going to compare colleges when you decide which colleges to visit, which admissions reps to talk to at the college fair, which colleges to apply to, and which one to ultimately attend. So take this opportunity to consider the various ways you can actually compare colleges and their relative worth to your family’s situation. Continue reading

50-50 Highlights: College Awarding Most Financial Aid by State

file folder titled "grants" representing colleges providing the most financial aid by stateIf you knew that the average amount of financial aid a college awarded freshmen was $25,000, would you consider it? With the cost of four years of college ranging from $100,000 to over a quarter of a million dollars, why wouldn’t you? I’m not saying you have to apply to the college, I’m just saying give it a look over because chances are it’s one that wasn’t on your radar. The table below lists all 50-50 colleges that provide the most institutional aid in each state according to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. Since it is limited to 50-50 colleges, there are only 36 private colleges and 46 public institutions on the list. Continue reading

How to Get Recruited to Play College Baseball

player sliding into base representing how to get recruited to play college baseballSo your first question is what would a homeschool mom know about how to get recruited to play college baseball? Simple, it’s like everything else in homeschooling–once our son decided that he wanted to play baseball in college we realized that we would have to figure out the process ourselves. A lot of what we learned can be applied to anyone trying to play college sports but the specifics here will be on baseball. Continue reading

310 Colleges Where the Average Grant for Freshmen is Over $20,000

Opening treasure chest representing colleges where the average grant os over $20,000(Updated for 2019) For real. There are 310 colleges where the average institutional grant is over $20,000. So what’s the catch? There are only 195 schools where 90% or more of freshmen receive institutional grants. Surprisingly enough, there are only 32 schools where 50% or fewer of freshmen receive an institutional grant of $20,000 or more. Continue reading

FAQ: What is work study?

Note asking what is college work study?The federal work study program is one of the financial aid options available when you qualify for federal aid.  Colleges administer the work study program with the federal government paying half the salary. The amount of money earned by the student in a work study job is considered part of the financial aid package and doesn’t reduce future financial aid awards. Continue reading