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50-50 Highlights: 40 Colleges for High-Income Families–and 40 Colleges to Avoid

money and graduation hat representing colleges for high income familiesFamilies are told not to avoid private colleges and universities because of their high sticker prices. The fact is that very few people pay the actual sticker price. This includes families in the highest income category since most private schools have some form of tuition discounting more commonly known as “merit aid.” However, some 50-50 schools are more likely to offer merit aid than others. This means that some colleges will be much more affordable for high income families than others–assume the student qualifies for merit aid. Continue reading

Questions to Ask College Coaches on College Recruiting Visits

coach in dugout representing questions to ask college coachesThe following is a list of questions to ask college coaches during a college visit. These questions won’t be relevant for all sports or all colleges. For example, D3 colleges do not give out athletic scholarships so there’s no point in asking about them. Some questions may be more appropriate for a second visit than a first visit. After all, if a coach is just meeting you for the first time, he probably can’t rank you among recruits for specific positions. Continue reading

What Happens to People Who Go To Colleges No One Has Ever Heard Of?

statue of woman wondering What Happens to People Who Go To Colleges No One Has Ever Heard Of?I think that there are a lot of families out there that would like to drop out of the race to get into the most prestigious college possible. They know that there are good reasons to look elsewhere. With seemingly ever decreasing admission rates, the numbers are against you. And financially, it often just makes sense to go to a lesser known school. But people can’t help but wonder if doing so means “settling” for less. They want to know what happens to people who go to colleges no one has ever heard of. Continue reading

50-50 Highlights: Colleges for Asian Students

Group of asian students representing colleges for asian studentsAsians and Pacific Islanders represent 5.7% of the general population but make-up 6.6% of all undergraduates. There are two to four times more Asians at the most competitive schools than in the general population. Asian students make up 21% of undergraduates at Stanford and 19% at Harvard. Because of this “over-representation” and general “model minority” myth, Asian students are often perceived as doing well no matter where they attend school. Continue reading

4 Things You Should Know Before You Contact College Coaches

dog wondering if he should contact college coachesNobody likes wasting their time and college coaches are no exception. So when you start to contact college coaches, be sure that you are prepared. If nothing else, what sort of impression do you think you make when the coach has to inform you of basic facts regarding the school or finds out that you aren’t qualified to play on his team? Continue reading

When the 99th Percentile isn’t Good Enough

Back of teen standing in meadow representing when the 99th percentile isn't good enoughRecently I was on an online forum where a student was trying to figure out whether to apply to Duke or Washington University in Saint Louis. And, of course, there was discussion of his chances of getting in. The student had outstanding academic credentials, including a 34 ACT score. I pointed out that while that was fine, his credentials were really just the minimum required for entry into these schools. Another student indicated that a 34 ACT score as a “minimum” was obviously ludicrous. Naturally, I now have some numbers to talk about. Continue reading

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