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50-50 Highlights: Colleges Where Students Are Most Likely to Graduate with Debt

golden graduate figure holding on to debtIn case you’ve been in a coma and haven’t heard, there is a student loan crisis. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the total student loan debt of $1.46 billion exceeds that of consumer credit card debt. Apparently, students are borrowing too much to pay for college. Of course, you could argue that maybe they’re not borrowing too much, they just don’t have jobs that will allow them to make their loan payments. Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that students are often borrowing more than they can reasonably repay. Continue reading

4 Things You Should Know Before You Contact College Coaches

dog wondering if he should contact college coachesNobody likes wasting their time and college coaches are no exception. So when you start to contact college coaches, be sure that you are prepared. If nothing else, what sort of impression do you think you make when the coach has to inform you of basic facts regarding the school or finds out that you aren’t qualified to play on his team? Continue reading

7 Things You Should Know about College Net Price Calculators

Piggy bank with calculator and money reprenting what you need to know about net price calculatorsWhen students start creating their final college list, smart families make sure they use the Net Price Calculator on all possibilities before adding them to the final list. Net Price Calculators (NPC) provide families with the estimated price they will pay after deducting for gift aid. This is called the average net price. Essentially, NPCs provide the average paid by students with similar financial background excluding loans and work-study. They have only been around since 2011 and can be a valuable tool for families targeting colleges generous with financial aid. However, they aren’t perfect and anyone who uses NPCs need to keep the following in mind:
Continue reading

Recruiting Baseball Tips: How to Target Colleges

How to target colleges was one of the most common questions on our baseball survey. To target colleges, both parents and son need to research colleges. The FACTS method will walk you through to find the colleges where the coaches will recruit you.

Click HERE to learn the three biggest questions Parents and Players must answer “YES” to before spending one dollar on recruiting services, recruiting showcases, or trying to contact college coaches.

Baseball Recruiting Tips: How to Get the Process Started

The most common question on our baseball survey was how to get the recruiting process started. Yet, the reality is that there are questions you need to ask before you even start the college baseball recruiting process. Depending on your answers, you can save a lot of money.

Click HERE to learn the three biggest questions Parents and Players must answer “YES” to before spending one dollar on recruiting services, recruiting showcases, or trying to contact college coaches.

College Counseling Certificate Comparison

college counselor working with student representing college counseling certificatesI’m in the process of considering enrolling in a college counseling certificate program. Why would I want a certificate? Well, there’s the crass credentialism motivation. People seem to be impressed by official credentials and a certificate has got to be cheaper than an actual degree.

But then I would expect the courses to actually provide me with information useful for college counseling. I have been narrowly focused on the financial implications of college lists. I recognize there is more to college admissions than just choosing a college.

And finally, there is the networking aspect of it. Private college counseling is an isolating profession and it would be nice to connect to others with similar interests. Hmmm, my reasons aren’t so different than why people decide to go to college. Continue reading