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4 College Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid When You’re the Best Player on Your Team

Boy saying oh no about Recruiting MistakesA lot of high school players and their families believe that being the best player on their teams is their ticket to playing at the college level. The truth is that star high school athletes are likely to make some assumptions about their ability that will undermine their chances of playing in college. Here are four college recruiting mistakes based on assumptions of talent that you must avoid. Continue reading

Why You Only Need to Take APs that Matter When Applying to Colleges Abroad

student sitting in front of Eiffel tower rerpresenting requirements for applying to college abroadThe following is a guest post by Kevin Newton who specializes in helping students apply to college in Europe. 

While there are a number of advantages to pursuing a degree abroad,  “because it is no extra effort to apply” is definitely not one of them.  Although there is a small list of universities, mainly those in Scotland, that do accept the Common Application, for most applicants to European universities, applying will mean an entirely different process. Luckily, it is a bit less convoluted than many applications in the United States. Continue reading

5 Signs that You Don’t Understand the College Recruiting Process

College Recruiting MistakesIf you spend any time on the internet or reading books on college athletic recruiting, you’ll see lists of common mistakes made by families during the recruiting process. The interesting thing is that there isn’t a lot of variation in the mistakes mentioned, it appears that people are making the same recruiting mistakes over and over. You have to wonder since there are warnings about them everywhere.

Continue reading

Why You Should Consider Going to College Abroad to Get Your Degree

student showing passport representing reasons why you should going to college abroad to get your degreeThe following is a guest post by Kevin Newton who specializes in helping students apply to college in Europe. 

When it comes time to apply to colleges, casting a wide net can often be beneficial. The opportunity to move away from home allows students to grow in remarkable ways. Yet for the overwhelming majority of American college applicants, that net often reaches no further than the Atlantic and Pacific shores. This is limiting for a number of reasons. For many students, the opportunity to study for a degree in Europe is a life-changing event. Continue reading

50-50 Highlights: Colleges for Academic Challenge

graduation cap with honors tassel representing colleges providing academic challengeOne reason many people give for attending a prestigious or ranked college or university is the need to be among intellectual peers. Parents and students worry that students won’t be challenged enough at less-well known schools. This is often accompanied by the networking argument–it’s the class peers along with faculty that will be crucial in developing future opportunities. Continue reading

The Most Expensive College is the One You Don’t Graduate From

College graduate representing college graduation ratesAssume you are buying a car. All other factors are equal. Do you pick the one that costs $15,000 or $30,000? Seems like a no-brainer–go with the cheaper one.

Okay, assume all other factors are equal. Do you pick the red one or the blue one? Now it depends on what colors you happen to like.

You pick the red one because you hate blue and would get depressed every time you even look at the car. Someone else picks the blue one because he thinks the red car just screams “give me a speeding ticket.” In this case, is one choice better than the other? No, it’s just a matter of personal preference. Continue reading

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