Scholarship Search Toolkit Part 3: State and More Scholarship Resources

Part 1: Keys to Success
Part 2: Scholarship Search Website Review
Part 3: State and More Scholarship Resources

State and More Website Resources

Scholarship Websites

dog with glasses reading about scholarship search toolkitsThese are websites that link to other scholarships. These are not search websites-they’re just lists of scholarships.

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Scholarship Website Reviews

If you’re looking to find out the accuracy of the websites, the following are various reviews of the major scholarship websites. There aren’t many and some are very dated. Ultimately, you’re going to have to find out for yourself.

Get Organized

The following are links to templates that you can use to organize and keep track of your scholarships applications. They don’t require any registration or providing email addresses.

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State Scholarship Resources

Don’t overlook possible state scholarship resources. The reality is that some states do a better job offering web resources than others. But it’s possible that your state actually provides residents access to one of the scholarship databases. If so, you should definitely start your search there.

The following table lists the scholarship websites for each state. They aren’t always state government websites but rather a non-profit that has stepped in to provide the service.
If it is a state sponsored website, be sure to explore any other resources it offers. One thing to look out for is academic exchange programs. These programs allow students to attend colleges in other member states for reduced tuition. There are four major organizations and you need to check with each one for the specific requirements.

Many states will have separate financial aid programs that also have their own financial aid deadlines. You can look up your state’s deadline on the Federal Student Aid website.

State Scholarship Search Websites

Red-has a unique listing open to users without registration
Purple-part of a licensed college planning application. Requires registration, usually limited to state residents. However, users can often search without registering by using keywords.


Listing of state scholarship resources along with free tools to organize your scholarship search and links to specialized scholarship listings.

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