Scholarship Search Toolkit Part 2: Best Scholarship Website Reviews

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Part 2: Best Scholarship Websites Review
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Best Scholarship Websites Review

tourist in a jeep looking at a review of scholarship search websitesThe table at the end lists 19 FREE scholarship search websites. Students need to be especially aware of privacy policies when they register on these websites. Basically, once the website has the student’s information, it can do with it what it wants.

Some scholarship websites will explicitly state that they will ignore “do not track” requests while others inform users that they will be contacted by marketing partners. Furthermore, some websites also claim the right to future use of any material the student may upload as part of a portfolio. Given that privacy policies can change at any time, take the time to review them before actually registering.

And be sure to opt out whenever possible.

The table indicates which scholarship websites require registration and if they require a phone number or home address. Assume that if you enter the information, the website will use it to pay their bills. This may include providing it to student loan companies and other banks. Be prepared.

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You can also see how easy it is for users to access the website and evaluate the search results. Given the number of scholarships students will need to target, the more information provided in the initial list of scholarships from the search results, the better. This is why I note which ones have sort options and which don’t display due dates. Having to click on each scholarship in the list to find out availability and deadlines will slow down your search.

You need to be aware that college scholarship websites tend to come and go. Every year, I’m deleting one or two websites while adding a couple of new comers. This year I deleted because its website wouldn’t load. Maybe it was just a bad day. In any case, please don’t be surprised if something is out of date. It’s going to happen. Just let me know and I’ll update as soon as possible.

The best strategy is to start with the scholarship websites that don’t require registration. This allows you to get a feel for what’s available and what is important to you. It should also help you to decide what information you need to track to organize your applications. I believe the websites highlighted in green are the best to start with. And remember, most likely the scholarships you have the best shot at won’t be listed on the website.

Best Scholarship Websites Reviews
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Reviews scholarship websites for usability and user privacy. Include recommendations on which websites to use to start your scholarship search.

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