Do It Yourself College Rankings

It Takes More Than Rankings to Find Good Colleges

Face looking from laptop for a good collegeWhy? Because it all depends on how you define “good” colleges.

And that’s the problem. How do you know what makes a college “good?” Is it the college where the good students go? After all, the colleges that admit only a small percentage of students with high GPAs and college test scores are the ones that show up at the top of the college rankings. But does that mean the school is good because it admits good students or do good students go there because it is a good college?

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Looking for a list of colleges that…?

woman looking at a list of colleges on a camputerIf you’re planning to create a college list, take a look at some existing lists before starting. It’s possible that you’ll find a couple that can save you a lot of time. If nothing else, a quick perusal might generate some new ideas or bring up some issues you hadn’t considered. Best of all-most of the lists are free.

This is will be an on-going project so be sure to check back for updates.

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8 Ways Showcase Camps Can Be a Waste of Money

burning money by going to a showcase campRemember when camps were something you did for a week or two in the summer or maybe over a weekend with a scouting troop? High schoolers didn’t go to camps, they worked at them to save up money for college. Not anymore. At least not for high school athletes interested in playing at the college level.

Showcase camps are a convenient, although increasingly expensive, way to get recruited. Given that most college athletes don’t receive scholarships, it can be hard to see the ROI on attending showcase camps. It’s not that showcase camps are automatically a waste of money. But they’re certain to be if you make the following mistakes.

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10 Essential Clues Students Miss When Researching Colleges

Dictionary defiition of research representing researching collegesUnless you’re willing to just pick one set of college rankings and use it to decide between colleges, at some point you’re going to have to dig deeper and actually start researching colleges. The fact is that once you get past adding or removing colleges from your list based on things like size, majors, and locations, most students will still need to narrow down their lists. There’s no magic formula for deciding between schools–what’s important to one student won’t be for another. And given the cost of college, students should commit to researching them further to find their differences. But how do you research a college?

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5 Financial Aid Strategies Parents of Sophomores Need to Know Before the Spring Semester

parents considering financial aid strategiesParents of sophomores need to know that their students’ college financial aid awards will be calculated on the base year that starts January 1 of the student’s sophomore year. This means that the fall semester of the student’s sophomore year will be the last chance parents have to implement some financial aid strategies that could significantly increase their student’s eligibility for need-based financial aid.

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At Home Lacrosse Drills: Make Recruiters Notice You!

Lacrosse Player ready to do at home drillsPractice your favorite sport in the comfort of your home. You likely already spend long hours practicing with your team each week, but did you know that lacrosse is one of the few team sport that you can practice alone? If you really want to improve your skills and get picked up by a recruiter at-home practice could easily be what sets you apart from everyone else you are competing with for that spot at your favorite school.

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