12 Days of Christmas 2016: Day 11

(I’m taking a break from regular blogging and newsletters during the holidays. Hope you enjoy the DIY College Rankings version of the 12 Days of Christmas. The following contains affiliate links.)

On the eleventh day of Christmas, DIY College Rankings wrote to me:

11 Colleges Frugal with Financial Aid

Despite the costs, these are popular schools. Part of it has to do with location. Three are in the always desirable California. Another five are in or near in-demand east coast metropolitan areas.

Suggestion to help take control of the college admissions process

money representing full ride scholarshipFull Ride Scholarships Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet by Wendy Nelson lists all US
colleges that offer full-ride or full-tuition merit based scholarships. It contains 606 colleges in 49 states with over 1,200 scholarships. If you’re looking for full ride scholarships, this spreadsheet is the place to start.

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