50-50 Highlights: Colleges with the Highest Percentage of International Students

group of international students at colllegeWhat does it mean if a college or university has a relatively high percentage of international students? Does it indicate better tuition deals for foreign students either in terms of financial aid or lower out-of-state tuition? Or does it mean that the school is better at recruiting international students for full pay students?

I really don’t know. But in either case, it would seem to me that the general campus population could benefit from contact with different points of view. And international students may feel more comfortable on a campus that already has a significant number of international students attending.

However, we aren’t talking about big numbers here. Among 50-50 schools, only 98 have five percent of more of freshman classified as foreign students. A total of 39 have ten percent or more. A little over 60% of all 50-50 schools have two percent or less international students in their freshman class.

Of the colleges with 10% or more international students, only five have a total cost of attendance (out-of-state for public schools) of less than $40,000. All but one of these are public institutions. Half of them charge $50,000 or more with five costing more than $60,000. All of these schools are private institutions.

The following is a list of 50-50 schools where 10% or more of full-time freshman are international students. As usual, the four-year graduation rate is used for private colleges and the five-year rate for public ones. You can download a PDF listing all (not just 50-50) colleges where 10% or more of the freshman are international students at the end of the list. You can also see a list of public colleges with the lowest out-of-state tuition here.

50-50 Colleges with Highest Percentage of International Students

50-50 Highlights: Colleges with the Highest Percentage of International Students

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