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50-50 Highlights: Mills College, Lawrence University, and University of New Hampshire

Mlls College
Mills College is a women’s Liberal Arts College in California. Students in the Jill Barrett Research Program receive scholarships for participating in a 10-week long summer research project under faculty from the biology department. The Institute for Civic Leadership is a two-semester program that combines the study of civic leadership and social policy along with an internship. Students can gain hands-on experience in oral history methods through the Oakland Living History Program. All students can take classes in Public Radio Reporting and produce documentaries and be placed in internships. The Domestic Exchange program allows students to spend a semester at colleges in Massachusetts, Georgia, DC, and Pennsylvania. Students can earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s in five years in Education/Teaching, Computer Science, MBA, and Public Policy.

The LU-R1 Program at Lawrence University in Wisconsin offers students in the Natural Sciences the opportunity to work with Lawrence alumni who are conducting research at leading R1 universities. Selected students receive a stipend and travel grant. Students have the opportunity to study abroad at the school’s London Center or through its Francophone Seminar in Senegal. The northern campus Bjorklunden Vid Sjon hosts seminars and retreats for students throughout the year. The ConservatorySquared program provides conservatory students with summer internships in a variety of musical fields. ArtsBridge Scholars work with K-12 students introducing arts into the classroom. All students can apply for the Summer Volunteer Opportunity Grant that provides funding for summer service projects.

The Center on Social Innovation and Finance at the University of New Hampshire offers undergraduates internships and provides hands-on experience through the Net Impact program. Undergraduates can apply for internships with nonprofit organizations through the Winant Fellowship sponsored by the Carsey Institute which also supports undergraduate research. Engineering students can study abroad in Hungry for about the same price as UNH and all courses will transfer toward their degree. The Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research sponsors grants for international research opportunities. Students in the Culinary Arts program run two campus restaurants that are open to the public. The Climate Change Research Center offers undergraduates summer internship opportunities. UNH is a member of the National Student Exchange program.


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