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Net Price Calculators: 8 Things You Must Know

When students start creating their college list, smart families make sure they use the Net Price Calculator on all possibilities before adding them to the final list. Net Price Calculators (NPC) provide families with the estimated price they will pay after deducting for gift aid. This is called the average net price. Essentially, NPCs provide … Read more

5 Reasons to Know Your EFC Before You Even Apply to College

Too many people think that your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is something that you worry about when you apply for financial aid–if they have heard the term at all. And if you’re a family with high school students thinking about college, it’s definitely a term you should become familiar with immediately. Why? Because what you don’t know … Read more

FAQ: What is EFC (Expected Family Contribution)?

EFC stands for expected family contribution. This is the amount of money families are expected to pay for their students to attend college. Colleges and federal and state governments use the EFC to calculate a student’s financial aid award. The basic theory is that the lower your EFC, the bigger your financial aid award. A … Read more

FAQ: If my EFC is 0 does that mean I can go to college for free?

Unfortunately, the answer for most students is “no.” Although the federal government has determined that if your expected family contribution (EFC) is 0, there isn’t any requirement that the government or the college provide you with the money to pay for the total cost of your education.  With an EFC of 0, you can be … Read more

FAQ: What are Net Price Calculators?

Net price calculators (NPC) are a way for students and their families to estimate how much it would cost to attend a specific college. All colleges that accept federal funds are required to provide Net Price Calculators on their websites. The NPC is supposed to provide estimated net price information to current and prospective students … Read more

5 Things to do Before Completing Another College Recruiting Questionnaire

I know the college recruiting process can seem overwhelming. Maybe your kid made the high school team and is racking up stats that people are telling you are good enough for playing in college. So you start completing recruiting questionnaires on the various college athletic program websites. Or maybe making it to the college level … Read more

FAQ: What is the FAFSA?

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid administered by the Office of Federal Student Aid. Students must submit the FAFSA to qualify for any federal financial aid, most state aid programs, and the vast majority of college aid programs. There is no cost to complete the FAFSA.