5 Rules About Paying for College That Most Parents Don’t Know

(Updated for 2023) If you want to get any financial aid, you need to submit college financial aid applications such as the FAFSA and PROFILE. This is obviously a critical step: no application, no aid. But if you want to pay less for college, it certainly isn’t the first step. The fact is that the FAFSA … Read more

8 Things Parents Paying for College Must Know

When my son was small and I would tell him to do something, he would ask why and I would tell him because “it’s in the parent’s manual.” He got really curious about that manual. Where was it? (I wasn’t allowed to tell him.) When did we get it? (At the hospital, of course, you … Read more

The Must Read Chart for all Parents Thinking about Paying for College

For the past few years, Troy Onink has had a Guide To FAFSA, CSS Profile, College Financial Aid And Expected Family Contribution at Forbes Magazine. It’s a great article that explains critical elements of the college financial aid process. I think the most valuable part of the guide is the Federal EFC Quick Reference Table. … Read more

Must Read Book on Paying for College: The Financial Aid Handbook

With the availability of more free information on the internet than we know what to do with, the suggestion of reading a book to understand a topic may seem, well, old-fashion.  But it’s precisely because of the information overload spawned by the internet that books can be a great investment. A good book will present … Read more