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College Planning Resource Center

If you’re trying to figure out how to find quality, affordable colleges but don’t know what you don’t know, this is the place to start. I’m listing resources that I think you should know about that will help you navigate the college search process. If you have any suggestions, please let me know so I … Read more

10 Avoidable Financial Mistakes Parents Make When Planning for College

We have all heard the horror stories of college graduates with staggering debt and little hope of repaying it before retiring. The obvious cause of the problem is the seemingly ever-increasing cost of college. But here’s the thing. When you read the stories about graduates struggling with student loans after graduation, you’ll almost always see … Read more

3 Types of Players that Don’t get Recruited by Colleges

There are a lot of athletes and their families that are expecting to play their sport in college. And far too many of them are actually counting on an athletic scholarship as part of their plan to pay for college. Yet, the truth is that most of these players won’t be recruited to play in … Read more

10 Essential Clues Students Miss When Researching Colleges

Unless you’re willing to just pick one set of college rankings and use it to decide between colleges, at some point you’re going to have to dig deeper and actually start researching colleges. The fact is that once you get past adding or removing colleges from your list based on things like size, majors, and … Read more

It Takes More Than Rankings to Find Good Colleges

Why? Because it all depends on how you define good colleges. And that’s the problem. How do you know what makes a college “good?” Are good colleges the ones where the good students go? After all, the colleges that admit only a small percentage of students with high GPAs and college test scores are the … Read more

8 Things Parents Paying for College Must Know

When my son was small and I would tell him to do something, he would ask why and I would tell him because “it’s in the parent’s manual.” He got really curious about that manual. Where was it? (I wasn’t allowed to tell him.) When did we get it? (At the hospital, of course, you … Read more

7 Key Signs of a Good College

There are over 1,600 four-year colleges in the United States. How do you begin to choose the good colleges you should apply to? To a certain extent, the definition of “good” will vary from student to student. However, there are seven things a college should have for it to be a good college for a … Read more