DIY College Rankings Softball Spreadsheet

Use the College Spreadsheet to find the schools that will recruit you to play college softball The fundamental fact of college softball recruiting is that you can’t be recruited if the coach doesn’t know that you exist. Gone are the days of a player being spotted at their local high school game. Too many players … Read more

DIY College Rankings

Finding and Paying for College Get Recruited College Admission Resources College Search Spreadsheet Planning on using a spreadsheet to track your college search? Why not save yourself time and have it loaded with the data you’re going to be copying from college search sites anyway? For $24, instead of copying information on SAT scores, admission … Read more

DIY College Rankings: Where to Start

As I went through the college search process with my son, I was constantly amazed at the way numbers are and are not used in the process. Everyone talks about student’s GPA, class rank, test scores, and college acceptance rates but no one seemed to know anything about their Expected Financial Contribution (EFC), four-year college … Read more

50-50 Highlights: Schools in the US News College Rankings Top 100

(I’ve updated this post with the most recent rankings.) Sorry. It’s the reason why traffic slows down on the opposite of the freeway from the accident. We just can’t help but look, if just for a second.  And while the list of 50-50 schools is going the opposite direction of the US News College Rankings, … Read more

10 Things You Should Know About the US News College Rankings

It’s September so that means we all get to find out the best colleges for the coming year, thanks to US News Best College Rankings. I’m sure all those students who started at Harvard this year wish they had gone to Princeton instead since Princeton is ranked as the best college in the nation. And … Read more

50-50 Highlights: Colleges in the Economist’s Top 100 College Rankings

During last fall’s college rankings frenzy, I missed the Economist’s first ever contribution to the college rankings. Having taken some time to look over the list and methodology, I think they have something meaningful to contribute to comparing colleges. Like Money Magazine’s Rankings, the Economist is looking at the financial results of a college education. … Read more