FAQ: What is EFC (Expected Family Contribution)?

EFC stands for expected family contribution. This is the amount of money families are expected to pay for their students to attend college. Colleges and federal and state governments use the EFC to calculate a student’s financial aid award. The basic theory is that the lower your EFC, the bigger your financial aid award. A … Read more

5 Ways to Get Smart About College Baseball Recruiting

As you start the college baseball recruiting process, you need to know what you don’t know. And sometimes it feels like you would rather not know than try to make sense of all of the information out there. Not only is there so much information out there, so much seems contradictory. Since the recruiting process … Read more

9 Ways to Improve Your Chances of Playing College Baseball-Part 1

Here are nine things that you can do that will improve your chances of playing college baseball. These aren’t about improving specific baseball skills, although that may happen. It’s about giving you the edge over another player who has the exact same stats and ability ratings as you do. In other words, these suggestions aren’t … Read more

Harvard Scholarships: No Such Thing

By no such thing as Harvard Scholarships, I mean no such thing as Harvard Merit Scholarships. So if you’re thinking you’ll be able to pay for Harvard based on your kid’s academic qualifications (after all, they were good enough to get into Harvard) you need to think again. The reward for your student’s amazing accomplishment … Read more

You Can’t Get Merit Scholarships From a College You Never Apply To

In a previous post, I defined Expected Family Contribution (EFC), how it works theoretically, and what happens in the real world. For many families, the difference between theory and practice is irrelevant since their EFC (with changes to financial aid, soon to become the Student Aid Index) is much higher than their actual ability to pay. There … Read more

Why Your EFC Should be how you Start Your College Search

What is EFC? To start your college search, you need to be able to answer this question. If you’re like most parents starting the college search process, you don’t have a clue what EFC means. In fact, most parents don’t understand until they are well into the college application process which is not a good … Read more

338 Women’s D1 Soccer Colleges

(List at end updated for 2023.) There are 338 women’s D1 soccer schools in 32 conferences according to the Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE). The average number of participants per team in 2020 was 29.4 and the NCAA allows a maximum of 14 scholarships for D1 women’s soccer. This is more than allowed by men’s … Read more

Colleges that Meet 100% of Financial Need Depending on How You Define Need

(Updated for 2023) Probably the biggest shock families experience as they consider their college options is finding out how much they’re expected to pay for college. But I think a close second would be how few colleges are actually able to meet the family’s admittedly flawed calculated need. According to the Common Data Set and college … Read more