How to Build a Better College List

How do you plan to decide which colleges to apply to?

  • Are you going to look at test scores or acceptance rates?
  • Are you going to compare student faculty ratios or size?
  • Do you plan to just look for colleges in certain regions or those that are test optional?
  • Are you going to keep track of financial aid possibilities?
Parent trying to build a better college list

Then you need the College Search Spreadsheet

The College Search Spreadsheet already has all of the data entered for you. All you have to do is sort the information on the columns important to you. You know, click on the little arrow button and sort.

OK, if you want only the colleges in one state, you'll have to click on a checkbox by the state. And if you're looking for schools between 5,000 and 10,000 students, you'll have to enter those numbers as well. Just try the sample at the bottom of the page.

How simple is that?

The fact is that you need to compare colleges on information important to you rather than factors someone else thinks you should use to make a decision.

And without going into the details why, not all colleges make it easy to get the information so that you can compare them to other institutions.

What Do YOU Want to Know About Colleges?

Only want to see colleges on the west coast smaller than 10,000 with an acceptance rate of at least 40%? Done.

Want to sort public colleges in your state on average net price? Not a problem.

Trying to figure out which schools have test scores that are the same as yours? Sort away.

That's why you need the College Search Spreadsheet.

It already contains the information that colleges are required to report to the Department of Education.

Things like size, graduation rates, and financial aid information.

Information that can make a tremendous difference in how much you actually pay for college.

“I think it is fantastic.

I am not an expert in excel by any means but I find the spreadsheet extremely easy to use. I was able to use the search tab to filter my choices which I then copied to a new sheet where I added in any schools my daughter is interested in that didn’t make the cut…Her list of 30 “awesome” schools is down to 10 truly outstanding choices that on paper are everything we are looking for. Schools we thought were great ended up getting crossed off because of factors we didn’t think of before. Thanks to the spreadsheet, those factors became evident especially as we compared them to other schools.

We did all this in just under an hour.”

~Anna in Illinois

Look Beyond the Rankings

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So before you spend a couple hundred dollars, (that's right, $40 a school adds up), get the College Search Spreadsheet and decide if it's worth the application fee.

By the way, the spreadsheet also includes the application fees so you can select those don't charge any.

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The Excel spreadsheet is compatible with PC version 2007+ or Mac 2011.

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