What Do College Softball Coaches Want-2015?

coach making notes for college softball recruitingThree years ago I looked up the college softball recruiting questionnaires for the then top 12 rated D1 softball programs in the country. The idea was to see what college coaches wanted, or at least appeared to, based on the information they asked from their prospects. This could help players make sure their athletic resumes covered all the important points. And it revealed some interesting tidbits about the schools. So I thought it was time to revisit the topic and see what, if anything, in college softball recruiting has changed. + Read More

What the Super Bowl Can Tell Us About College Rankings

football on a fieldIn case you haven’t heard, the Super Bowl is this coming Sunday. Sometime during the ridiculously overdone coverage, viewers will see the starters from each team announcing their alma maters. And this has got me thinking. Here you have the two best teams in a championship game based on wins and losses with rosters of players from colleges ranked on wins and losses. Maybe, just maybe, the Super Bowl has something to teach us about rankings including US News College Rankings. + Read More

Moneyball College Admissions Rules: Ignore Peer Pressure

Fish swmming against crowdI’m always amazed at the absolute certainty people have of the superiority of one college over another. Spend a little time on College Confidential and you’ll see high school students looking for advice on which school to attend bombarded with definitive statements of the overwhelming excellence of one school compared to another. Sometimes they’ll point to rankings but more often than not, the opinions will be based on their experience with just one of the schools in question. + Read More

Moneyball College Admissions Rules: Use Your College Experience to Get What You Want

Pencil erasing a mazeAt first glance, Billy Beane’s fourth Moneyball rule wouldn’t seem a good fit for the college application process: “Know exactly who you want and go after him (Never mind who they say they want to trade).”  After all, it doesn’t seem likely that many students will convince colleges to  change admission requirements or how much financial aid offered simply based on their determination to attend a specific school. + Read More

Moneyball College Admission Rules: Know How Much You’re Paying and Why

balance with green and blue ballsI don’t know about you, but I’m always leery when the price of a good or service I’m considering purchasing isn’t readily available. The phrase, “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” starts echoing in my head. However, although most college websites don’t have their costs readily accessible, it doesn’t seem to be an issue for most people. I have to admit, I didn’t really start noticing it until I start writing this post. + Read More

OU Football Coach Supports Paying College Athletes?

Football player and moneyIf you have even been in a conversation about the role of college sports, at some point someone will talk about misplaced priorities in terms of spending and complain that the football or basketball coach makes more than the university president, much less the highest paid professor on campus. Another person will inevitably respond with that no one pays to watch a professor teach biology. It’s about the money. Since people are willing to pay for it, then the school is justified in spending it. + Read More

The Moneyball Approach to College Rankings and Admissions

Have you seen the movie “Moneyball” or read the book by Michael Lewis? The story is about how the Oakland A’s baseball club managed to come up with winning seasons despite being one of the poorest teams in professional baseball. “Moneyball” refers to the strategy of identifying players used by the Oakland A’s general manager, Billy Beane.

What does Moneyball have to do with college admissions? + Read More