OU Football Coach Supports Paying College Athletes?

Football player and moneyIf you have even been in a conversation about the role of college sports, at some point someone will talk about misplaced priorities in terms of spending and complain that the football or basketball coach makes more than the university president, much less the highest paid professor on campus. Another person will inevitably respond with that no one pays to watch a professor teach biology. It’s about the money. Since people are willing to pay for it, then the school is justified in spending it. + Read More

The Moneyball Approach to College Rankings and Admissions

Have you seen the movie “Moneyball” or read the book by Michael Lewis? The story is about how the Oakland A’s baseball club managed to come up with winning seasons despite being one of the poorest teams in professional baseball. “Moneyball” refers to the strategy of identifying players used by the Oakland A’s general manager, Billy Beane.

What does Moneyball have to do with college admissions? + Read More

What to Read to Understand the O’Bannon vs. NCAA Trial

dog reading a bookNow I’m not saying you should know what the O’Bannon vs. NCAA trial is about or even care. If you have any interest in college basketball or football, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard about the trial. But if this is all new to you and you start to wonder what all the fuss is about during the expected two-week trial, I suggest reading the following resources. + Read More

Free College Admissions Resources You Should Know About: Guides for Athletes and Students with Disabilities

Neon sign spelling freeIt’s easy to spend a lot of money on books and services to help with the college admissions process. The problem is that families often don’t know enough to know which questions to ask to find the best resources for them. Fortunately, there are a variety of free college guides available that can serve as a place to begin the search. + Read More

College Athletic Recruiting: Some Reading Suggestions

dog reading a bookThere’s a lot of information out there and not enough time to figure out what to read, much less actually read it. So I thought I would suggest a few articles that are worth reading. Some are more “big picture” or “policy” type articles that hopefully you won’t run into playing college sports, but you never know. Others are more along the lines of practical advice recruits and their families need to know. + Read More

50-50 Highlights: Best Colleges for Football

Empty football field with lightsIt used to be that big time college football programs were justified because they supported the rest of the school’s athletic programs.?  However, according to the Wall Street Journal, in 2011 only 19% of the 120 teams in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivsion reported a profit. And given the increasing concerns of concussions and player health, why have the number of four-year college programs increased by 24 from 2003 to 2011? + Read More