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50-50 Highlights: Best Colleges for Football

Empty football field with lightsIt used to be that big time college football programs were justified because they supported the rest of the school’s athletic programs.?¬† However, according to the Wall Street Journal, in 2011 only 19% of the 120 teams in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivsion reported a profit. And given the increasing concerns of concussions and player health, why have the number of four-year college programs increased by 24 from 2003 to 2011?

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Golfer Parent: Demystifying College Recruiting for Women’s Golf

woman golfer in sunsetThis is a guest post by Chuck Self who has just been through the golf recruiting process with his daughter. You can learn more at his website Her College Success.

There has never been a better time for girls who wish to play golf in college. There are over 650 golf programs sponsored by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. But the recruiting process for the average high school varsity golf player is somewhat mysterious.

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Men’s College Lacrosse Teams by State

Lacrosse PlayerMen’s Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports at the college level. In fact, it’s growing so fast that it makes the usual lag in statistics a potential problem. So many teams are being added each year that even a one year lag could present a very different picture of college lacrosse. A state could come close to doubling the number of college Lacrosse teams in just a couple of years.

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10 Steps to Help Your Child get Recruited by a Coach

lacrosse stick and helmetThe following is a guest post by Joie Jager-Hyman, college consultant and author of B+ Grades, A+ Applications. Joie was an Assistant Director of Admissions at her alma mater, Dartmouth College, and has a Doctorate in Education Policy.

Many students dream of playing sports on the college level but most athletes don’t know how to get started with the college recruiting process. How can you tell if you’re good enough to play for a university?

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Which Colleges Spend the Most on Football?

Footballs in shape of dollar signUnless you were in a semi-vegetative state last fall, you probably know that the colleges of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) dominated the top 25 football rankings. But you might be surprised to learn that the SEC didn’t have the highest conference average operating expenses. That would be the Pac 10, followed by the Big East, the Big Ten, and then the SEC.

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D3 Baseball Experience

Baseball helmet on bleachers representing d3 baseball experienceLast week I watched my son played at his college’s annual Blue and White game. It’s just an intra-squad scrimmage at the end of their Fall practices followed by a family cook-out. It was cold but it was great to spend the weekend with him. He gave us a tour of HIS campus which is definitely a different campus as sophomore than it was as a “prospie.”

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Strength and Conditioning for Incoming College Freshman Student Athletes

male working outIf you read any books on college athletic recruiting, you’ll come across a section that discusses the biggest surprises to new college athletes coming from high school. I can’t think of a single one that doesn’t mention the dramatically harder strength and conditioning programs. In fact, I’m willing to bet it would come in first by a wide margin over anything else.

“Student-athletes we interviewed overwhelmingly reported that one of the hardest adjustments they had to make was in the level of physical endurance and fitness they were expected to meet to perform at the college level.” From Win a Sports Scholarship

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