Which Colleges Spend the Most on D1 Baseball?

Baseball and money representing which college spend the most on d1 baseballGiven that full-ride scholarships are a rarity in college baseball, players may want to consider other ways colleges support their baseball programs. After all, there are ways for colleges to spend money on baseball  that will affect the players’ overall experience besides just scholarships. This can include anything from uniforms, equipment, fields, to travel. For those interested in such things, this is an update on D1 baseball expenses by team using the latest information from the Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE). + Read More

8 Things Parents Must Know About Paying for College

Picture representing what parents need to know about paying for collegeWhen my son was small and I would tell him to do something, he would ask why and I would tell him because “it’s in the parent’s manual.” He got really curious about that manual. Where was it? (I wasn’t allowed to tell him.) When did we get it? (At the hospital, of course, you don’t think they would let us leave without it?) Was there a kids manual? (You mean you lost yours?) + Read More

What Do College Softball Coaches Want-2016

picture of pets because some college softball coaches want to know your petsThree years ago I wrote a post on “What Do College Softball Coaches Want?” and with the new year, I thought I would revisit the topic and see what, if anything, has changed. This time I looked at the recruiting questionnaires of the top 13 D1 softball programs. Why 13 instead of 12 as before? No meaningful reason, I copied one row too many and had already started looking up information by the time I realized it. + Read More

How Much Do Colleges Spend on D2 Baseball Programs?

Baseball pitcher throwing ball representing D2 Baseball Programs and ConferencesAs is the case for most sports, Division 2 is the smallest for baseball in the NCAA. According to the Office of Postsecondary Education, in 2013 there were 260 D2 baseball programs in 43 states including Puerto Rico. Pennsylvania had the most with 20, followed by California with 16. Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, New York tied for third with 14 programs each. + Read More

Are College Baseball Players Happy?

Baseball player representing college baseball experience(The data is from 2010 but I think is still valuable today.)

Do you know what you’re in for if you end up playing college baseball? Sure, you’ve talked to the coach multiple times and have done your overnight with the player. And you probably know about being able to do three things in college, study, play ball, and party but athletes only get to pick two. But do you really think you know what it’s going to be like?

+ Read More

What’s Important to College Baseball Coaches

baseball players representing what's important to college baseball coachesSo why is a college baseball coach more likely to lose interest in a high school prospect, showing poor attitude at a game where the coach is watching or a poor high school season? If you said poor high school season, you’re wrong. Which would have a greater negative effect on the recruiting coach, seeing a game where the player had a poor performance or low grades? Obviously poor performance, right? Wrong. It’s low grades. + Read More

8 Infographics to Help You Understand College Athletic Recruiting

confused primate needs information on college athletic recruitingIf you’re a high school athlete or the parents of an athlete who wants to play at the college level, the sooner you understand the college athletic recruiting process, the sooner you can use the process rather than have the process control you. And while the chances of being paid to be an athlete in your particular sport may be minuscule, it can’t hurt having a grasp of some of the issue of paying student-athletes. I think the following infographics on college athletes provide a good place to start your education. + Read More

Is it too late to get recruited for college baseball if you are already a senior?

Player wondering it it too late to get recruited for college baseballNo. It may not be ideal but it’s still possible. Even if you have already graduated from high school, it’s not too late. Between the MLB draft pulling players from teams to players at the D3 level not receiving enough financial aid to attend the college, there are plenty of reasons why it’s not too late to get recruited for college baseball if you are already a senior. + Read More

Recruiting Quiz: See If You’re Ready to be Recruited to Play in College

recruiting quiz hands taking testAre you ready to be recruited to play in college? Do you understand the recruiting process to make sure you’re ready to make the most of every opportunity? Or are you more likely to reduce your chances because you haven’t bothered to learn the necessary rules and expectations? Take the following quiz and find out if you’re ready to be recruited. + Read More