Most Expensive Public Universities for Out-of-State Students

Most people understand that private colleges have a much higher price tag than public universities which is why many never…

5 years ago

What You Need to Know About ROTC Scholarships

(The following is a guest post by Dr. Kuni Beasley. ROTC scholarships offer more money than most National Merit Scholarships…

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50-50 Highlights: Most Expensive Colleges

The point of the 50-50 schools list is to identify colleges and universities that most students can get into while…

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The Must Read Chart for all Parents Thinking about Paying for College

For the past few years, Troy Onink has had a Guide To FAFSA, CSS Profile, College Financial Aid And Expected…

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Reason 2 of 3 Reasons Why Your Kid’s Good Grades Won’t Pay for College

Because you're comparing yourself to the wrong group.

5 years ago

3 Reasons Your Kids Good Grades Won’t Pay for College: Reason 1

Because college costs more than $1,000.

5 years ago

The Truth About the $100K+ Scholarships Students Win

Have you heard about the student who won over $700,000 in scholarships? Here's the truth about how he actually did…

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Rule 5 of 5 Rules About Paying for College Most Parents Don’t Know

Rule 5: The Largest Scholarship will Come from the Schools the Student Applies to. CONNECT WITH OTHER PARENTS PLANNING FOR…

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