5 Rules About Paying for College That Most Parents Don’t Know

(Updated for 2023) If you want to get any financial aid, you need to submit college financial aid applications such as…

8 months ago

The EFC Chart: Understand How Much You’ll Pay for College

Troy Onink used to provide a Federal FAFSA EFC Chart until he passed away in 2018. His chart is still…

12 months ago

28 Free Resources for FAFSA Help

Why should you care about FAFSA help? In case you haven’t heard, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)…

12 months ago

FAQ: What is the FAFSA?

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid administered by the Office of Federal Student Aid. Students must…

3 years ago

3 Hard Truths About Who Gets Financial Aid

What's the worst possible thing families could hear after getting their Estimate Family Contribution (EFC) for financial aid? How about…

6 years ago

5 Rules About Paying for College Most Parents Don’t Know: Rule 1

Rule 1: The FAFSA is NOT the key to paying for college.

6 years ago

Must Read Book on Paying for College: The Financial Aid Handbook

With the availability of more free information on the internet than we know what to do with, the suggestion of…

6 years ago

50-50 Highlights: Colleges That Require the PROFILE Financial Aid Application

There has been a lot of discussion of simplifying the FAFSA. The argument is that too many low-income students don’t…

7 years ago