Graduation Rates

Why YOU Should Care About College Graduation Rates

When high school students start looking for colleges to apply to, they rarely consider college graduation rates. Even with the…

3 weeks ago

126 Hardest Colleges to Get Into

(See the list for 2022 at the end of the post.) What are the hardest colleges to get into? Anyone…

6 months ago

The 10 Worst Colleges 2022

Listing the 10 Worst Colleges is a public service I’m providing as an inoculation against the annual fall media college…

11 months ago

The Most Expensive College is the One You Don’t Graduate From

Assume you are buying a car. All other factors are equal. Do you pick the one that costs $15,000 or…

12 months ago

Pay Less for College By Focusing on These 3 College Statistics

If you want to pay less for college, you need to pay more attention to college statistics. I’m sure many…

1 year ago

Parents: Don’t Ignore These 5 Numbers when Comparing Colleges

Before parents sit back and let their kids drive the college application process, there are some numbers they need to…

1 year ago

50-50 Colleges: 600 Schools You Can Get Into and Graduate From

(Updated for 2022) I just finished updating the list of 50-50 colleges with the latest IPEDS data release and, as…

1 year ago

5 Essential Stetson University Facts

Stetson University-Private DeLand, Florida 4.462 (3,125 undergraduates) Does College Size Matter? Read more

2 years ago

How to Find Student-Athlete Graduation Rates

The NCAA has a public service announcement stating that most of their athletes go pro in something other than sports.…

2 years ago