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How Come No One is Talking About Pathetic College Graduation Rates?

College graduates representing college graduation ratesIf college graduation rates were high school graduation rates, every politician, pundit, and policy wonk would be in the mainstream media talking about the crisis of college dropouts and devising ways to tie faculty evaluation to student graduation. Not that such an approach is necessarily the answer. After all, given the situation with high school graduation rates, I’m not sure that we would actually come up with any solutions but, boy, we sure would be talking about it.

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50-50 Highlights: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, University of Northern Iowa, and University of Maryland Baltimore County

Indian University of PennsylvaniaThe Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Program in Culinary Arts includes degrees in Hospitality Management and Food and Nutrition Programs. Culinary Arts students can spend a year in Switzerland completing an externship program. The Center for Turning & Furniture Design’s CenterWorks provides students with hands-on experience by working on commissions as small business projects.

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