How Come No One is Talking About Pathetic College Graduation Rates?

College graduates representing college graduation ratesIf college graduation rates were high school graduation rates, every politician, pundit, and policy wonk would be in the mainstream media talking about the crisis of college dropouts and devising ways to tie faculty evaluation to student graduation. Not that such an approach is necessarily the answer. After all, given the situation with high school graduation rates, I’m not sure that we would actually come up with any solutions but, boy, we sure would be talking about it. + Read More

50-50 Profile: Central Washington University

Central Washington University campus

Central Washington University -Public
Ellensburg, Washington
11,799 (10,964 undergraduates)
Does College Size Matter?
2013, 2014

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2014-15 Accepted: 86%
4 Year Graduation Rate: 43%
5 Year Graduation Rate: 50%
Why YOU Should Care About College Graduation Rates

Total Expenses In-State: $23,316
Total Expenses Out-of-State: $35,679
Average Net Price 13-14: $14,199
Freshman Non-Federal Loans: 1%
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5 Things to Know About Paying for College Before You Apply

SAT Critical Reading: 540
SAT Math: 540
ACT: 24
The Truth About Scholarships

Percent Freshman not in top quarter of class: not reported
Percent Freshman with GPA <3.50: 76.8%
Percent of Freshman Need Met: 88%
Percent of Non-Need Freshman Receiving Awards: 0%
Average Freshman Non-Need Award: $0

Class Schedule: Yes
Shows Class Capacity: Yes
Student to Faculty Ratios: Should they be part of your college rankings?

NCAA D2, Great Northwest Athletic Conference

Central Washington University athletic teams

Reasons to consider Central Washington University:
William O. Douglas Honors College
Science Talent Expansion Program
Undergraduate Research Fellowships
Undergraduate Travel Fellowships
Cross-Cultural Leadership Program
Leadership Quest
Center for the Environment
Institute for Sustainable Energy
Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Northwest Center for Sport Business
Northwest Center for Organizational Research
Museum of Culture and Environment