How Come No One is Talking About Pathetic College Graduation Rates?

College graduates representing college graduation ratesIf college graduation rates were high school graduation rates, every politician, pundit, and policy wonk would be in the mainstream media talking about the crisis of college dropouts and devising ways to tie faculty evaluation to student graduation. Not that such an approach is necessarily the answer. After all, given the situation with high school graduation rates, I’m not sure that we would actually come up with any solutions but, boy, we sure would be talking about it. + Read More

50-50 Highlights: Mills College, Lawrence University, and University of New Hampshire

Mlls College
Mills College is a women’s Liberal Arts College in California. Students in the Jill Barrett Research Program receive scholarships for participating in a 10-week long summer research project under faculty from the biology department. The Institute for Civic Leadership is a two-semester program that combines the study of civic leadership and social policy along with an internship. Students can gain hands-on experience in oral history methods through the Oakland Living History Program. + Read More