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Which Colleges Spend the Most on Football?

Footballs in shape of dollar signUnless you were in a semi-vegetative state last fall, you probably know that the colleges of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) dominated the top 25 football rankings. But you might be surprised to learn that the SEC didn’t have the highest conference average operating expenses. That would be the Pac 10, followed by the Big East, the Big Ten, and then the SEC.

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Fantasy Football and Finding the Right College

fantasy football playerI didn’t make it to the championship in fantasy football this year. Even though I’m tied for the number of championships in the league, that’s not what really bothered me this year. This year I lost twice to “Stan”-not his real name. Stan always finishes towards the bottom of the league. But this year he came in third and it wasn’t because of any brilliant player moves or insight into drafting. This year, Yahoo drafted for him and he played the players as assigned and he had his best season ever.

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50-50 Highlights: Trinity University, Penn State Erie-Behrend College, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Trinity UniversityTrinity University in Texas offers Languages Across the Curriculum where students can take classes in the humanities, social, and natural sciences taught in a foreign language.?  Mexico, The Americas, and Spain is an interdisciplinary program that collaborates with the Monterrey Institute of Technology to train future leaders. The program includes first-year seminars, service learning trips, and stipends for students working at local non-profit organizations.

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