3 Cheapest Colleges by Graduation Rates

Graduation caps and roll of money representing 3 cheapest colleges by graduation rates

(Skip to the end to see the list of top three college by graduation rates.) When trying to identify the cheapest colleges (or most affordable or hidden bargains or whatever your preferred terminology happens to be) it’s probably a good idea to keep in mind the saying, “you get what you pay for.” Unfortunately, too often this means that people just assume the more expensive product is the better one. The same is often true of colleges especially since it’s so difficult to actually figure out what you’re paying for. If you’re able to step away from the shiny attraction of prestige and brand names, I have a suggestion: graduation rates.

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How to Get Recruited to Play College Baseball

player sliding into base representing how to get recruited to play college baseballSo your first question is what would a homeschool mom know about how to get recruited to play college baseball? Simple, it’s like everything else in homeschooling–once our son decided that he wanted to play baseball in college we realized that we would have to figure out the process ourselves. A lot of what we learned can be applied to anyone trying to play college sports but the specifics here will be on baseball.

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The Truth About Rejection by Elite Colleges

body outline representing rejection by elite collegesI think that the greatest unacknowledged truth in college admissions is that if you’re good enough to get into an Ivy League school then you are good enough to handle being rejected by them.

What am I talking about? Let’s start with the joke that in order to get into the elite universities, high school students need to have discovered the cure for cancer or, at the very least, won a Nobel Prize. (Actually, we now know that even a Nobel Prize isn’t good enough if you haven’t taken an American college admissions test. Just ask Malala Yousafzai.)

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What High School Baseball Players Need to Worry About to be Recruited by Colleges

high school baseball player not worrying about how to get recruited to play college baseballIt seems that weekly, if not daily, you’ll come across another story about how today’s generation has been coddled with self-esteem trophies since their first little league game and have been told that their clay pots are special no matter how lumpy and cracked. This has an especially insidious strain in high school sports that can undermine a player’s chances to get recruited to play college baseball.

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