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DIY College Rankings College Softball Recruiting Resources

This is a guide to the website resources for college softball recruiting.


DIY College Rankings Softball Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet with over 1600 four and two-year institutions that have softball programs.

College Application Tracking Spreadsheet (free)

Spreadsheet to track your college application deadlines. Just sign-up for the up-dates using the box to the left.


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Why My Spreadsheets Don’t Include the Coaches’ Email Addresses

My College Athletic Spreadsheets do not include any coaches’ information. No email addresses for baseball coaches or phone numbers for softball coaches. I occasionally get ...
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What Do College Softball Coaches Want-2016

Three years ago I wrote a post on "What Do College Softball Coaches Want?" and with the new year, I thought I would revisit the ...
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8 Infographics to Help You Understand College Athletic Recruiting

If you're a high school athlete or the parents of an athlete who wants to play at the college level, the sooner you understand the ...
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Recruiting Quiz: See If You’re Ready to be Recruited to Play in College

Are you ready to be recruited to play in college? Do you understand the recruiting process to make sure you're ready to make the most ...
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College Athletic Recruiting Reading Suggestions: Recruiting Services, High School Issues, and Scholarships

Five articles for those interested in the college athletic recruiting process. Three of them have practical information for families in the recruiting process. If you're ...
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What Do College Softball Coaches Want-2015?

Three years ago I looked up the college softball recruiting questionnaires for the then top 12 rated D1 softball programs in the country. The idea ...
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What the Super Bowl Can Tell Us About College Rankings

In case you haven't heard, the Super Bowl is this coming Sunday. Sometime during the ridiculously overdone coverage, viewers will see the starters from each ...
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OU Football Coach Supports Paying College Athletes?

If you have even been in a conversation about the role of college sports, at some point someone will talk about misplaced priorities in terms ...
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What to Read to Understand the O’Bannon vs. NCAA Trial

Now I'm not saying you should know what the O'Bannon vs. NCAA trial is about or even care. If you have any interest in college ...
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Free College Admissions Resources You Should Know About: Guides for Athletes and Students with Disabilities

It's easy to spend a lot of money on books and services to help with the college admissions process. The problem is that families often ...
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