Facebook Live with TuitionFit.org

Attention Please sign for TuitionFit Facebook LiveParents of high school seniors and those who help them need to make the time to watch Monday’s Facebook Live with Mark Salisbury of  TuitionFit.org.

Why? Because this application is the first major shift in righting the information balance in paying for college.

Mark Salisbury, the founder, has found the key to making the sharing of students’ financial aid awards more than some version of “paying it forward” for the next generation.

The difference is that TuitionFit allows colleges to see what students have been offered as well. So, yes, you can find out if other students have better awards and if you should ask for more. But more importantly, colleges that you didn’t even apply to can see your award and offer you a better one. And that can significantly change your admissions prospects and budget AFTER you’ve already submitted your applications.

I’ve spent some time talking with Mark and asking him why colleges would bother with this. It’s simple-demographics. High school classes have been declining since 2011 and more colleges are starting to chase fewer students. This system provides colleges with a valuable tool to help them  fill their classes and get their finances in order. And, yes, for those who haven’t realized it yet, colleges are businesses that want to reduce uncertainty and lower the costs of doing business.

So make time to participate in the Facebook Live. It will be on the DIYCollegeRankings Facebook Page, Monday, January 21st, 7:30 pm CST. Get your questions ready and I’ll see you there.

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