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College Search Websites: Princeton Review and US News

Number 1 to 6The last two college search websites, The Princeton Review and US News College Rankings, take a different approach than the previously reviewed sites. Rather than provide different factors for you to rank and search on, they essentially rank the schools for you. The user is expected to use the rankings to select colleges for consideration and then take a look at location, school size, graduation rates etc. Both sites have multiple rankings to choose from but do allow for a basic search with US News being much functional than the Princeton Review’s. + Read More

College Search Websites: College View

Good Better Best Steet SignsThe College View website is a comprehensive search website along the lines of Big Future and College Data in that it includes more than just the search function. The site includes information on Financial Aid and the Application Process. It also has sections on Campus Life and Careers & Majors. The Student Lounge is basically a selection of posts and other resources from College Confidential which is done by the same company. + Read More

50-50 Profile: North Carolina State University at Raleigh

North Carolina State University at Raleigh campus






North Carolina State University at Raleigh -Public
Raleigh, North Carolina
34,009 (24,536 undergraduates)
Does College Size Matter?
2012, 2013, 2014

College Navigator
2014-15 Accepted: 52%
4 Year Graduation Rate: 41%
5 Year Graduation Rate: 68%
Why YOU Should Care About College Graduation Rates

Total Expenses In-State: $22,954
Total Expenses Out-of-State: $38,209
Average Net Price 13-14: $13,579
Freshman Non-Federal Loans: 4%
Net Price Calculator
5 Things to Know About Paying for College Before You Apply

SAT Critical Reading: 650
SAT Math: 680
ACT: 30
The Truth About Scholarships

Common Data Set
Percent Freshman not in top quarter of class: 14%
Percent Freshman with GPA <3.50: 23.8%
Percent of Freshman Need Met: 81.2%
Percent of Non-Need Freshman Receiving Awards: 3.6%
Average Freshman Non-Need Award: $7,718

Class Schedule: Yes
Shows Class Capacity: Yes
Student to Faculty Ratios: Should they be part of your college rankings?


North Carolina State University at Raleigh athletic teams









Reasons to consider North Carolina State University at Raleigh (learn more):
Honors Program
University Scholars Program
Undergraduate Research Database
Chancellor’s First Year Student Leadership Program
First-Year College
Natural Learning Initiative
Advanced Media Lab
Engineering Entrepreneurs Program
Bioinformatics Research Center
Advanced Transportation Energy Center
North Carolina Japan Center
Institute for Nonprofits
Biosciences Management Initiative
Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology
Textile Engineering Chemistry and Science