Do It Yourself College Rankings

Strength and Conditioning for Incoming College Freshman Student Athletes

male working outIf you read any books on college athletic recruiting, you’ll come across a section that discusses the biggest surprises to new college athletes coming from high school. I can’t think of a single one that doesn’t mention the dramatically harder strength and conditioning programs. In fact, I’m willing to bet it would come in first by a wide margin over anything else.

“Student-athletes we interviewed overwhelmingly reported that one of the hardest adjustments they had to make was in the level of physical endurance and fitness they were expected to meet to perform at the college level.” From Win a Sports Scholarship

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College Search Websites: Introduction

Man looking at web pagesIf you were to visit the major college search websites, you would conclude that people have just a few considerations when choosing a college. Based on the search options common to eight of the most popular websites, students want to be able to pick a college based on its location, the location’s setting, size, tuition, selectivity, test scores, majors, whether it’s a community college or four-year institution,  and if it’s public or private.

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What Do College Softball Coaches Want?

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I looked up the college softball recruiting questionnaires for the top 12 rated D1 softball programs in the country. Why 12? It was going to be 10 but apparently the University of Texas and the University of Arizona don’t bother with such things so we don’t know what they want. Talk about “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” Another interesting tidbit is that all of the University of Texas recruiting information (such as is available) is under the department of compliance. Very interesting.

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Top Colleges for Business Majors

College of Business signWhich colleges are graduating the most students with majors in business excluding specialty schools?  I looked at schools with at least a 49% or better four-year graduation rate because “graduating” is an important part of this question. In terms of absolute numbers, the top 15 are pretty much large universities, almost all public universities with two exceptions, Indiana Wesleyan University and Bentley University.

Not surprisingly, these two universities are on the list of the top 15 institutions with the highest percentage of graduates with business majors.  These 15 colleges were all private and tended to be on the small size with Indiana Wesleyan University being the largest at just under 10,000 full-time undergraduates. The percentage of business majors ranged from 41% to 95% at Bentley University.

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