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4 Ways to Check Colleges for Merit Scholarships

Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Pin0 4 Ways to Check Colleges for Merit ScholarshipsWorried about how you’re going to pay for  college?Think that your kid’s good grades will translate into some merit scholarships to pay for college?Are you expecting colleges to reward your teens academic achievements with merit scholarships? Do You Know How to Find Out if … Read more

50-50 Highlights: Best Colleges for Merit Scholarships

Students with high Expected Family Contributions (EFC) who want to pay less for college need to find those colleges most likely to provide generous merit aid. One way to do this is to identify colleges that have a high percentage of freshman without need who receive merit aid. The higher the percentage, the more likely students are to … Read more

50-50 Highlights: Colleges with the Best Financial Aid

The list of 50-50 colleges and universities is designed to provide students and their families with options for good schools where students are likely to be admitted. What makes a 50-50 school even better is when it provides generous financial aid. This can come in the form of scholarships and need-based grants. And quite a few 50-50 … Read more

50-50 Highlights: College Awarding Most Financial Aid by State

If you knew that the average amount of financial aid a college awarded freshmen was $25,000, would you consider it? With the cost of four years of college ranging from $100,000 to over a quarter of a million dollars, why wouldn’t you? I’m not saying you have to apply to the college, I’m just saying … Read more

50-50 Highlights: 29 Private Colleges to Target for Financial Aid Opportunities

I’ve talked about colleges most likely to provide merit aid before. In this post I’m going to focus just on 50-50 schools and consider all financial indicators. For example, in previous lists I didn’t take into consideration PLUS loans. I also limited schools by test scores which I don’t do in this list.

3 Hard Truths About Who Gets Financial Aid

What’s the worst possible thing families could hear after getting their Estimate Family Contribution (EFC) for financial aid? How about that even if they could manage to pay their EFC, more than likely they’ll have to pay even more because most colleges won’t meet their full need. The data on who gets financial aid shows … Read more

Must Read Book on Paying for College: The Financial Aid Handbook

With the availability of more free information on the internet than we know what to do with, the suggestion of reading a book to understand a topic may seem, well, old-fashion.  But it’s precisely because of the information overload spawned by the internet that books can be a great investment. A good book will present … Read more

50-50 Highlights: Colleges Awarding the Most Institutional Financial Aid

Anyone who has been paying attention to college costs and financial aid has probably heard that there really isn’t one set sticker price for college. It’s a lot like airline tickets. People sitting next to each other on a flight probably paid very different amounts for their tickets depending on when they bought them. Like … Read more