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12 Things You Need to Know About Athletic Scholarships

sports stadium representing Things You Need to Know About Athletic ScholarshipsI’m always amazed at how little players and their families know about athletic scholarships. Given that most of them have been justifying playing their sport for the chance at a college scholarship since middle school, you would think they would be better informed. It’s kind of like someone planning a trip to Europe and not realizing they need a passport for traveling. Yes, some of the stuff people are missing is pretty basic. + Read More

5 Reasons to Know Your EFC Before You Even Apply to College

2 figures with empy piggy bank because they don't know their EFC Too many people think that your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is something that you worry about when you apply for financial aid–if they have heard the term at all. And if you’re a family with high school students thinking about college, it’s definitely a term you should become familiar with immediately. Why? Because what you don’t know about your EFC can hurt you long before you even start to fill-out college application forms. + Read More

4 Tips to Organize Your College Recruiting Process

Athlete using smart phone for 4 Tips to Organize Your College Recruiting ProcessThe college athletic recruiting process is a process of narrowing down school choices while collecting increasingly detailed information about those choices and not losing track of where you are during the process. Piece of cake-right! The problem is that athletes won’t always be at the same stage in the recruiting process for every college they’re considering. One school may be at the “received a mass email flyer for a summer camp” stage while another is at the “scheduling an official visit” stage. So how do you keep track of everything? + Read More

4 Reasons People Don’t Pick Affordable Colleges

Female college student considering what's wrong with affordable collegesThere are over 1,600 four-year public and private colleges in the United States. And guess what, they don’t all cost an arm and a leg to attend. With this many colleges, there have to be quality, affordable options available for families who look for them. And there are students attending college without facing the prospect of years of debilitating debt. Yet, attending affordable colleges comes with some trade-offs that not all families are willing to make. + Read More