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FAQ: What is a flagship university?

Postit What is a flagship universityThere is no official definition of what is a flagship university. In general, when people talk about flagship universities, they are referring to the most prominent public university of their state. It is usually the first public university that was established in the state and receives the most state support. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the “best” public university in the state although many assume so.

Flagship University Definition

This is the most common list of flagship universities (download the list at the end of the post). Continue reading

FAQ: What are the different college calendar types?

Post-it note asking What are the different college calendar types?Among all the factors students consider when selecting a college, the calendar system is rarely among them. And given that the vast majority of colleges and universities use the semester system or a variation of it, it’s usually not a big deal. However, when students find their final list of colleges include schools that use differing calendar systems, they need to take the time to decide if it’s something important to them. While there doesn’t seem to be any consensus on which system is best, they do have their pros and cons which students need to consider. Continue reading

What Athletes Need to Know About the Ivy League Academic Index

dog on computer looking up ivy league academic indexIf you’re interested in playing your sport for one of the Ivy League schools, you need to understand the Academic Index. I’m assuming that you already know that the Ivy League does not provide athletic scholarships and that you’re hoping to use your athletic abilities to help you get admitted. After all, recruited athletes have approximately a 30 percentage point advantage in being admitted compared to non-athletes with no legacy status. And a recent analysis of data from Harvard showed that “Athletes with the highest or second-highest academic rating on an internal Harvard admissions scale have an acceptance rate of 83 percent—compared to 16 percent for non-athletes.” Continue reading

Where to Find the Best Scholarships

kittens trying to find the best scholarshipsSometime during their senior year in high school, students will start receiving notices from the counseling office about various available college scholarships. These scholarships will probably range in the $250 to $1,000 range with a few hitting $5,000. They’ll be encouraged to start using the different scholarship search websites so that they won’t have to take out student loans. By January, they’ll hear that if only they would get organized and be persistent, they can take advantage of all the college scholarships out there that haven’t been taken because no one applied. Continue reading

Creating a Recruiting Video with Your Phone Resource Center

Hand holding phone representing Creating a Recruiting Video with Your PhoneIf you’re an athlete trying to get recruited to play in college, then you KNOW you need to have video. You have several options for creating your video from doing-it-yourself to hiring someone who specializes in recruiting videos. I’m a big believer in starting with the cheapest option first. If nothing else, it will make you appreciate that much more the professional’s product that you eventually get. So I’ve collected a list of resources you can use to shoot video with your smart phone. Continue reading