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50-50 College Listing

This information is part of the data available in the DIY College Rankings College Search Spreadsheet. The 50-50 College Listing contains four-year colleges that accept at least 49 percent of their applicants and have at least a 49 percent four-year graduation rate for private colleges or at least a 49 percent five-year graduation rate for … Read more

DIY College Rankings Baseball Spreadsheet

[jcolumns model=”3,1″ inbordercss=”3px solid gray”] Find the colleges that will recruit you to play college baseball. The fundamental fact of college baseball recruiting is that you can’t be recruited if the coach doesn’t know that you exist. Gone are the days of a player being spotted at their local high school game. Too many players … Read more

A Simple Example of Creating a College Search List

An overview of the following process is described in “And what about graduation rates.” These basic steps can be used for researching a variety of college characteristics. Or you can save yourself some time with the DIY College Search Spreadsheet instead. Goal: Create a target group of colleges that graduate that meet the following requirements … Read more

The 10 Worst Colleges 2022

Listing the 10 Worst Colleges is a public service I’m providing as an inoculation against the annual fall media college ranking mania. It is a reminder that rankings are flawed and have their limitations. While they can provide useful information, too few people bother to look beyond the ranking order to evaluate the data used … Read more

How Much Should Students Borrow for College?

Anyone who pays attention to the media has heard the alarming reports about student debt. In the United States student loan debt is about $1.7 trillion which exceeds the total credit card balance. Scary numbers. You would expect the question, “How much should I borrow for college?” to be the question that all students and their … Read more

51 Questions to Ask College Coaches on College Recruiting Visits

The following is a list of questions to ask college coaches during in an interview whether on a college visit, at a game, or at a camp. These questions won’t be relevant for all sports or all colleges. For example, D3 colleges do not give out athletic scholarships so there’s no point in asking about them. Some … Read more

Cheapest Out-of-State Colleges in 31 States

(The Cheapest Out-of-State Colleges List has been updated for 2022) Back when I was a freshman attending a rather large state university in Austin, Texas, I ran into quite a few students (relatively speaking) from the state of New York. They told me that they were attending college in Texas because our out-of-state tuition was cheaper … Read more

14 Unique Reasons to Attend SEC Schools Besides Sports

If big-time college sports are an important consideration for your college list, you’ll need to take a look at the Southeast Conference (SEC) schools. If I have to tell you why you should consider SEC schools for big-time sports, then we are definitely working with different definitions or you have been living under a rock … Read more