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Everything You Need to Know About Scholarships

What are College Scholarships? What are the Scholarship Types? How do students apply for scholarships? When can students apply for portable scholarships? How long do scholarships last? How do students receive the scholarship money? What can you spend scholarship money on? Let’s start with the definition, scholarships are simply free money for students to spend … Read more

11.7 Reality Check: College Baseball Scholarships

At the end of my son’s last high school summer baseball season, I was struck by the number of players who had graduated and didn’t know yet where they were going to attend college. I heard a lot of talk from parents about “maybe walking on” to various teams and see what happens. These were good … Read more

26 Helpful Athletic Resumes and Player Profile Templates

(In 2022, four resources have disappeared from the list. Given the number of resources already on the list, I decided to just replace those that have disappeared. If you don’t like any of the samples you see here, you can easily find others on the web.) There are plenty of samples of athletic resumes or player … Read more

Why Athletic Prospects need the Financial Aid Pre-Read

Athletes need to know about financial aid pre-reads since one third of colleges do not offer athletic scholarships. At institutions that do offer scholarships, most sports are equivalency sports meaning that athletes are likely to receive only partial scholarships, if any at all. This means that the availability of non-athletic financial aid is an important consideration for most … Read more

What are My Chances of Getting a Softball Scholarship?

As softball players start deciding which gold teams to aim for, they’ll start asking themselves what their chances are of getting a softball scholarship. And if they aren’t, I’m sure as parents start to pull out their checkbooks to pay for playing on these teams, they’re considering the question. After all, it would be nice … Read more

College Athletic Recruiting Strategy: Going Where the Teams Are

If you are a high school athlete and already have five coaches from D1 schools showing up when you play and you’re only a junior-congratulations! You need not read any further. For those of you who aren’t nationally ranked athletes but still want to play at the college level-read on.

What You Need to Know About ROTC Scholarships

(The following is a guest post by Dr. Kuni Beasley. ROTC scholarships offer more money than most National Merit Scholarships and can be used at more institutions.) Most people do not know about ROTC scholarships.  Indeed, most high school counselors and most professional consultants know little about them… if at all.  The Army, Navy (includes … Read more

Do you have to specialize in a sport to get a scholarship?

Should you play more than one sport in high school if you want to play at the college level? Focusing on a single sport would seem to provide players with the ability to develop advanced skills to stand-out from the competition. However, there are plenty of people out there arguing that playing multiple sports provides … Read more

FAQ: Are scholarships taxable?

Scholarships are taxable depending on what they are spent on. If you are a degree candidate, the amount of your scholarship that covers tuition and any required fees, books, supplies, and equipment is not taxable. These books, supplies, and equipment have to be required of everyone taking the class in order to qualify. The portion … Read more