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51 Questions to Ask College Coaches on College Recruiting Visits

The following is a list of questions to ask college coaches during in an interview whether on a college visit, at a game, or at a camp. These questions won’t be relevant for all sports or all colleges. For example, D3 colleges do not give out athletic scholarships so there’s no point in asking about them. Some … Read more

4 Things You Should Know Before You Contact College Coaches

Nobody likes wasting their time and college coaches are no exception. So when you start to contact college coaches, be sure that you are prepared. If nothing else, what sort of impression do you think you make when the coach has to inform you of basic facts regarding the school or finds out that you … Read more

Should you tell coaches about an injury during the recruiting process?

Just asking this question suggests that it’s possible to hide the injury from the college coaches. I suppose it’s possible if it occurs off-season and the player isn’t actually on crutches or doesn’t have an arm in a sling. But how many sports today actually have an off-season? Even those players being recruited in sports … Read more

When Will College Coaches Start Contacting Me?

(Updated for 2020) If you’re serious about playing college athletics, you need to understand how and when college coaches can start contacting you (officially) and when you can contact them. I remember sitting in the bleachers in April and listening to one parent’s angst that the baseball coach from a particular college hadn’t called them … Read more

What do College Baseball Coaches Want?

Just before Christmas I shared some information from the College Baseball Profiles College Coaches survey and the importance of high school baseball–at least in New England. Today I want to point out some of the other survey results about college coaches and the baseball recruiting process.

Why My Spreadsheets Don’t Include the Coaches’ Email Addresses

My College Athletic Spreadsheets do not include any coaches’ information. No email addresses for baseball coaches or phone numbers for softball coaches. I occasionally get requests to include the coaches’ email addresses but I have no intention of doing so. Why? Because athletes serious about getting recruited to play in college isn’t going to spam … Read more

What Do College Softball Coaches Want-2016

Three years ago I wrote a post on “What Do College Softball Coaches Want?” and with the new year, I thought I would revisit the topic and see what, if anything, has changed. This time I looked at the recruiting questionnaires of the top 13 D1 softball programs. Why 13 instead of 12 as before? … Read more

What’s Important to College Baseball Coaches

So why is a college baseball coach more likely to lose interest in a high school prospect, showing poor attitude at a game where the coach is watching or a poor high school season? If you said poor high school season, you’re wrong. Which would have a greater negative effect on the recruiting coach, seeing … Read more